7001 When verifying data12.v
Hello guys , i have problem 7001 . 

I have patch my SW , its going normal , and completed(downloading 1_4_4_0.RTP) . 

When verifying the datas , its going normal from data00.v ~ data11.v , when it verifyng data12.v , the ERROR 7001 appear . *i forgot to screenshot the error , because when this error appear im just close it (lol) .

i know this error are caused by english patch , before updating SW i've replace data12.v to original . but , when updating , the error still coming . If the error 7001 just appear when download 1_4_4_0.RTP , its ok , but this error coming when verifying the datas, 
how annoying . I have no idea for this error , because before using patch , im always make a backup for data12.v .
then , im start the launcher again and i think the patch (.RTP) doesnt downloading again , because i already have it .
here link for RTP Image  , but SW doesnt think so (lol) , it downloading from start againnn . I have sucks internet speed , to download 380MB it take 2 horus +++ . so what i must to do?keep updating then got this error again and start it from begining again or is there any way to make SW use the patch it have downloaded , or something to solve this data12.v problem? 

*sorry for my freaking english grammar & freak question*
i have same problem u will have to patch the game manually from now on or just redownload the game cuz i guess formica file corrupted ur file replacing it will not fix it for some reason
I suggest if you have ~7001 you have to look what the client was trying to actually patch. If it the error comes up on that file, delete it and open the client again
nope bro tried it gives same error
Yeah , im trying to "Cut" the data12.v before patch it again , but still have same problem , 7001 when verifying data12.v . if someone have native file of data12.v , please share it .
take your time and try different data 12 i tried over 30 ones and didnt work...just saying it worked for me when it happened to me at first( the replace trick) but no not anymore
I have native file of data12.v.. replaced it and it always the same, error 7001.
I'm almost losing hope in this game.
did u guys read my comment with the link above?
apparently. after i did some research between "raw game files" and "translated game file".
i found out that "raw game files" are working just fine (no errors on any data whatsoever). While the "translated" are always found error 7001 on the launcher.
so i decided to play using the raw one for now until i have any better translation patches.
im already in game when i wrote this.

P.S : for anyone translating this game, you're truly magnificent people. considering i need those translation patch very much. I pray for your next success.

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