All Characters in one account?
I was wondering if I should level my characters in one account or have seperate accounts for each character that I'm going to level. Since there is an "Account Mail Box" where you can get the rewards on only one character per account which will leave my alts without rewards. But I'm also considering the fact that they might implement the Dragon Nest system where the more characters with high level you have in one account the better buffs you get (if it's not implemented already).
So can you guys tell me how you've been dealing with this situation?
Thank you.
Just have them all in one account, logging in multiple accounts is a hassle.

They did have an integration leveling event, taking the sum of your characters' levels as a prerequisite for earning certain tiers of rewards. They even have promotional rewards for leveling Erwin or Stella (since these characters are played less often). Although you get less rewards, the rewards aren't too too exceptional anyways, and they're usually 'bound on acquisition'. Some rewards are 'character-only' like costume pieces so having two characters won't do you any benefit there.

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