Aloha!!! ^_^
Big Grin 
How are you!?? Big Grin I'm so happy that i am able to play Soul Worker now it was my dream to play SW! since i was a child. Big Grin Tongue  just kidding! HAHAHA.
Well btw it's so nice to be in a same group with awesome people like you! yeah you!  Big Grin no else but you! like you you! yes yes you! (annoying right?) 
btw Let's have fun! be a fan! and get working for fun! Big Grin Big Grin Wink

(yeah.... i know) Tongue Wink
-triggered- Welcome, come to our discord channel if you need any help or finding parties. Theres also a guild here so make sure you apply in the fourms and also apply to the guild in game.
Hello Cruesean and welcome to the Community!
Welcome to the SWHQ community~ c:

Big Grin Big Grin Thank you! Shy Shy
I'm also new here, so lets get along! ôwô

Miyuki, welcome to the Community !

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