Any character weaker than the others?
I find it hard to believe that all the characters are on equal footing.. I am new to the game though so I don't really know!

What am trying to say here is what is your opinion on all the characters thus far? Some seem much stronger, some seem to weak? Does it all come down to preference in playstyle? Thank you all so much in advance to explain it out to me!
Each and every character has a different purpose in the game, in which each excels differently in their own aspects.

For example, in ranged attack aspects, Erwin would definitely be the boss as compared to Stella, Erwin's range attacks has more versatility.

For tanking, I would choose Stella.

For dps, I would choose Lily.

For balanced, Haru.

Depends on your playstyle actually.
Take this with a grain of salt from me, but I usually am playing Haru and my SG tank is almost always pinging me that I dont have enough SG.  I haven't really had much of a SP issue with the others, though that may be because I don't play them enough.

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