Black text and black minimap
Excuse me, as the subject said, i got a bug of black text and black minimap, can anyone help me fix it ?
Thank you.
I have the same problem...
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Not working T_T
Not only that, i can't hear a single sound after i start the game even though i enabled it ...
It's a fix for the crash issues, this fix didn't correct the black name and map problem

And no's normal,to fix
crash you have to disable audio device for the game
You can enable it after starting the game but for the computer,the game as been launched without audio device

(Sorry for my poor english)
Yeah but when i get into the game and enabled it, my game was completely mute ...
Not only SW, i also have the same problem with Closers Online ...
Hi, If you change your PC settings to go Full japan, you will resolve this issue + you can play with all sound enable Big Grin

[Image: 573aa271791ffc223899ccfa5ec04f4c.png]

[Image: f7d91e8ce25cb60c500e00a6296c14c9.png]
yeah this worked for me Big Grin

thanks Bvarela~~
not work for me  Sad
(04-12-2016, 09:09 AM)Fudy Wrote: not work for me  Sad

change ur formats to Japanese and install ur Japanese language pack in windows update ..

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