Bongkai Wants You!!!
If you're too lazy to read the whole text, just read the "Green" ones.

Hello there, I'd like to introduce you to our Guild Bongkai. We're a international guild with people all over the world (also japanese or chinese people), but we're always writing in english. We want to have fun together and we just have 3 Rules:

1. Stay friendly
2. No flaming allowed
3. Help each other

We found out, less rules are more rules. We just want to have fun while playing alone or together, so I decided to establish a new english speaking guild, which helps Newbies and Veterans. All new Members will get the "New" rank, unless they have reached lvl 40 and stay in our guild for a minimum of 2 Weeks, so we can see your playtime and your affinity to help our member. After 10 Days staying offline, you'll get kicked. It is not a problem, to stay Offline, but if you do that, you need to contact one of the veteran's or the Leader (Sub-Leader) for the best. 

At the moment, it would be the best, if you're max lvl, so we can "raid" together, but its not a must have! 

Right now, I'm programming a Homepage for our guild, so we can chat and help each other, while beeing offline or what we like to do there.


- Bongkai was founded in May 2017

- Level 3 atm ( August 2017 )

- Approximately 10-15 active member

If you got any questions till this moment, feel free to ask me here or write a PM ingame (Nick: Silania).

Edit: We got our own Discord Server, if you want to join it, please click >> HERE << .


We are no longer play this game until the Europe Server will be online then. So just wait ;)
Any Questions left? Just PM me. Wink

Silania - Iris - LvL 55
Slynai - Lily - LvL 53
Ichinii - Jin - LvL 35

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