Bow down to me fool....
I do not think I have introduced myself yet have I?

Shame really..... I have not had much of a reason to talk here much... You can call me Forsaken...... Or Kuro.... Whatever suits your..... "Pathetic" needs.
So something I should say and you probably already guessed it.... I'm not your friend. Well... Maybe I can be. If you like my.... Cruelness.

I main as a lily "Tatsuta" and I have a stella... In the working progress called "Serabella"
I guess thats enough about me.
The rest will kill you.
The only "Miracles" that exist in this world are the ones that you delude yourself to.
Hi, and now f u c k off
and goodbye to anyone standing in John Cena’s way when he takes on six men in a steel cage chutes and ladders match at WWE Suuuuuuuuper Slaaaaaaaaam.
Hi, and you're fake
Forsaken, do you play ghost in the shell first assualt (the nexon game) I have seen that username before

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