Bug issues.
So I have founded a minor bug which is growing into a very irratating thing. It is evolvevs around the body model where on some times when I atack, the bodymodel of my character (Which is Jin) is stretches out drastically and even to the point of it being hard for me to see when clearing up mobs. If any one knows of how to fix it and how to access the screen shot files let me know and please respond. I will update of the images of the bugged play modles.
Hello, good day.

If you set the screenshot folder at default (you didn't change it in the game settings), it's found at "C:\install path\soulworker\ScreenShot".

As for the model issues, it might be possible that there is something wrong with your game files. I've checked the in-game bug info page of the SW website and there was no such issue being recorded.

But if it's truly a bug issue, then please send screenshots of such occurrences and some details; i.e. what did you do for it to happen, etc. I'll send it to Hangame or WeMade for investigation.
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