Charge Up Validation Fail
Hey Hello there im Pretty New here and hope you still can help me out x) so i got my Account and can play and all this is fine but now i wanted too charge up a little money for the Game i did all steps from the Guides but then suddenly at step 8 as i pushed the button the last step,i got the validation error screen not japan region bla bla (i used the wohle time an vpn) so now this validation error everytime shows up wehn i press on the charge up thing ,my question is now,Waht happend? and can i still fix it to Charge up ? :c
Sometimes the website still think you are not in JP even though the VPN says you are, most of the time I just pick a new IP address o.o

Fastest way to tell if you are indeed on a JP IP is just visit google, if it says .jp at the end then you are using JP IP o.o
Hey ty that really did the Job i just changed vpn proxy and it did go^^ Wuhu finally wasted money on a game  wehre i got an unstable ping as hell xD ,anyway thank you Heart
If you gonna drop money, might as well get tohse private vpn, I heard they are cheap as heck, should be a guide here somewhere.

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