Death Grinder Path
With Lily's Death Grinder Lv5 skill, I am conflicted if I should forego the "pull" mechanic by this skill and take Tornado, which I assume is a really strong forward moving skill that deals a good hunk of AOE, or keep that pull mechanic with the double Grimm Reaper summon

Lily: まりかさん
Erwin: Mesh
I tried using the Tornado and I could not find a way to make it work. I think it does more damage than double Death Grinder but only if you hit with every tick. The AOE is just way too small, and Lily launches it too far away for it to be practical since she is melee.

Worse still, Tornado will actually push mobs without SA outside, so it becomes practically useless against them.

I only see Tornado being useful against immobile bosses where you can hit them with every single tick of Tornado.

So basically Tornado is your long range option, while double Death Grinder is the melee range option since you have to be in close range to hit all the ticks of the reaper's scythe. (It doesn't go as far as Lily's does)
Thanks for your detailed input. After playing with it for tens of dungeons/mazes, I did find it more of a chore, than a QoL skill. 

However recently, I tried to combo Fear Chain -> Tornado, and it did a good amount of damage. Against mobile bosses though as you've said, tornado is utterly useless.
Lily: まりかさん
Erwin: Mesh

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