Disconnected from the game
After i play for around 10-20 mins, the game just closed itself... there is no error pop up or anything... can someone help me ?
Can you post your computer information like CPU, RAM, VGA pls ?
(03-31-2016, 08:39 AM)LeoAurico Wrote: Can you post your computer information like CPU, RAM, VGA pls ?

this one ??

.jpg   dxdiag1.jpg (Size: 368.13 KB / Downloads: 450)

.jpg   dxdiag2.jpg (Size: 352.34 KB / Downloads: 307)
Yes and sorry but i have to say "You can barely play this game" you only have 4GB ram and using an onboard graphic card, your computer CANNOT take it, your Desktop is showing that you have PSO2 and Payday2 that make me very very curious how the hell did you play those games in this system, you have Geforce Experience so use your Geforce VGA already, it's really really weird when your PC system is this low but you're still playing a lot of high quality graphic games and that doesn't make any sense.
Or maybe try this:

No more auto-closed for me, although still got the graphic issue.

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