Disconnecting When Disabling VPN
I saw in several guides on this forum that you should be able to disconnect vpn and still play after you have started the game. I've tried to do that at several stages of starting the game (server screen, character screen, in-game) and it always disconnects me. I'm using PIA for vpn. When I disconnect in-game I get this message telling me I've disconnected and to restart the game:
 [Image: 9fd01deba6.jpg]

With the vpn my ping is around 650-750, which is why I want to disconnect it after in-game or find a better alternative. Any advice greatly appreciated!
You can disconnect before entering the game. After you click Game Start on launcher and the image of characters shows up or after XIGNCODE3 window disappears. I personally disconnect right after XIGNCODE3 window disappears.
Thanks that worked! I feel really silly now. lol
Neither of them work for me. Does it matter what VPN you're using?
I don't think so. I'm using SoftEther VPN. What about you?
(05-15-2016, 11:13 AM)Enferlain Wrote: Neither of them work for me. Does it matter what VPN you're using?

From what I've heard hangame has been increasing their ipban range (not sure though),
and some other people are also experiencing this.

VPNs doesnt matter.

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