Download stuck at 0% with 0kb/s
Hi I tried to install the game, i set up the vpn, use internet explorer to start the game and everything until there is fine, the problems start afterward. when the downloader opens, I can choose the directory in which i want to download the game, but once I select it, the download just stucks at 0% with the speed of 0kb/s... I waited around 15 minutes but still nothing happened, I downloaded the files in the download section of this forum, but in the istruction there is that I should wait for at least a couple of files to download from the official client, but how I manage to download any file if it just doen't download anything?
I'm having the same issue. I'd really appreciate it if someone could help us out. I also did everything as said but the launcher remained at 0%
Hmm maybe try to disable your VPN after the launcher running? It still download the data for me, though I never met the problem in the first place.

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Yea I fixed this issue some time ago. For those with my same problem, you've to just disconnect your vpn while the patcher is working (and it's stuck at 0kb/s), it'll then download at your internet's max speed
i dont understand ineed to start the launcher and then disconnect the vpn ?
i do that but its stuck on 0/kb
start the launcher wait a little to get the patch running then turn off the vpn.

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