Durability does effect performance
it seems that if durability reaches yellow , you will gradually lose some of your gear stats.
my armor comes with 8k hp and i noticed my hp drop drastically when the durabilty was 32%...so i went to jaito and repair ....bam hp went back to normal..

same goes to my cric stat...i noticed my cric stats was lower for some reason...(usually 22%...but suddenly it was 20%...) repair my helmet and its back to 22%...

make sure to repair your gear often...

*welp title should be affect..not effect..
Yeah, I was curious about it and learned it the hard way. I noticed damages against me were higher when I had my equips on red. xD;;
i wished there were AR card that can auto repair gear...some games have this kinda of feature like if you carry that thing...it will automatically repair within set of time...
Hmm didn't notice at all since the one and only time I used up my durability was at Chap 1 to 6 Steel Grave when I did it continuously at lv54. Damage doesn't matter since I was overleveled lol @[email protected]

I have the habit of repairing durability after every instances at Jaito, so I hardly run into low durability situation.
so that rumor about plaing until 1% durability was false...
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