Earning Zenny
I want to buy a costume and/or blueprint but it seems everything is around 1million or more... are there any places to quicky grind and earn zenny? like dungeons etc
as someone who already earned 100m+...

$$ will start rolling when your reach town 4.
most of the expensive stuff comes from good gear. Accessory set (the one with cdmg) usually are really expensive.
eg 3% cric and cdmg alone can be from 10m-30m
4% cric with Cdmg can go up to 50m-100m (although some will argue its true value).
eg. i found this ring in town 3 with 4% cric and average cdmg sold for 30m...(nobody buy at 40m for 4 days straight).

as for armor (either with exp %)
helm : cric rate 3-5% +cdmg
shoulder cdmg/atkspeed/hp
armor cdmg/atk/hp
legs : cdmg/atk/mspd
always check market price

watch out for soul prices. Some soul sell expensive due to demand. Town 4 souls are usually expensive. make sure to double check soul mat price vs the soul itself. calculate which gives the most. Remember 9% tax.
check weapon crafting mat. Some of them sell quite well.

Ar key (even lousy ones) sell around 200k nowdays. Its up to you to keep it for upgrading your card or sell it for $$.

raid will net some good cash as well. But thats for lv 55.
you can snipe cheap gear on board and sell expensive.

TBH most of the money comes from good stat gears... lots of farming and luck.
yea its normal if u already know marketing at soul worker
also try snip familiar[giga or terra] with good buff/lowprice and brooch[lvl 40~50] with highest critical damage with low price and u can sold back or happy gain with urself me done alot of this and its work  Big Grin

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