[Edit]Certain Undocumented Aftermath of 20-04-16 Maintenance?
So... I went to log in after the maintenance today, just to get kicked out in the middle of doing Steel Grave for another emergency Maintenance. I noticed 2 (quite important and undocumented?) changes and I hope that perhaps others can confirm these.

1. EXP to level reduction. I think most likely will affect from lv 52 onwards? I'm currently lv 55, and before the maintenance, the exp needed to lv56 was shown as 0/193XXXXXX (193 million+). After the maintenance, I noticed it changed to 73million. Could perhaps someone who is lv54 confirmed the EXP needed to level reduction? Iirc, it was 160million+ from lv54 to lv55.
EDIT: It has been confirmed as a bug and they fixed it during the emergency maintenance.

2. Stella's Ultimate fix (Bass Attack). I know the maintenance notes included Stella's bug fixes, but those are for certain skills CD bug and result screen bug. The "undocumented" fix is the damage fix. Before the maintenance, the damage was around 6k per bass hit, which results in a total of around 40k damage (6-7 clicks i think?). It is ridiculously weak compared to the other characters ulti. After the maintenance, I notice myself dealing 30k damage per hit (Critical Damage. it should be 15k if it's not). I assumed that it is now fixed and at least won't be that ridiculously weak compared to others. I'll confirm the damage fix after this current emergency maintenance.
EDIT: Damage seems to be fixed (or at least much better, like a million times better)
Maintenance has been extended until 22.00 JST. Hopefully they will fix the problem. :X
KouNaki [Haru]
かつき [Lily]
23:00 now XD
lily 's guilotine still crash with me Sad

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