Elysian Guild
Tired of looking at words you don't understand?
Looking for a group of random, fun-loving and helpful potatoes people?

If you are, Elysian is the place to be.

We are currently a level 2 guild and we welcome fun loving people*** from all walks of life.

To apply, please look for or PM ましろ椎名 (Mashiro Shiina) [Me] / ScrtBlade / Nichelle / SasuXEris / Alexranger in game

Alternatively, you can search for the guild via Guild administrator or just simply post here / drop me a PM

PS: Guild warehouse is open to all members

Update: We are Level 4 !! Big Grin

***We have a goat
[Image: unknown.png]
Bump :v
Could my Mystic join her name is RiseAmagi
Bump !! Big Grin
is this guild still has vacancy cuz i think i want to apply for my Erwin, アカルイ2nd is his IGN... and he is lvl 42 now...
Can I join my ign is IncubusVI
Sure but won't be on till about 14 hrs from now or so. Smile

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