Emergency Maintenance?
There seems to be an emergency maintenance happening now from 5.30 to 7.30 Sad

17.30-19.30 JDT
[Image: cede6d5134.jpg]
... so was clearing out a later lab level (3rd i think) when maint happened and i got disconnected on quest clear, didnt think much of it

later when i patched the client after maint was over i FORGOT TO RESTORE THE ORIGINAL data12 file and of course got a corrupted -7001 error

after getting a fresh client and patching it properly i logged in to see:

my haru orange tie costume and boots that you get SPOILER: after killing edgar are gone!! tried reinstalling eng patch, no diff, costume is gone for good!! 
other equipped items are still there and everything else besides literally only haru coat and boots... so weird and lame..

not sure if this is a maint disconnect issue since i was wearing the costume when i got dc or english patch problem, but a heads up to all the soul workers outthere: quit b4 maint dc's you AND always restore original jp data12 file if you using the patch

..hopefully i can start a new haru char and re-get the costume and send it to my main char via mail?

EDIT: was clarified to be a temp costume, sorry for the false alarm
It's character-bound and is timed to expire after a few days, so no biggie
Lily: まりかさん
Erwin: Mesh
wait so the orange tie and white boots costume goes away after a few days?
aaah booo.... oh well thanks for the info, these wounds will heal..

no wonder i saw the same fully brooched outfit in the store for millions

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