Error "Failed loading table file"
(Neither create the character TwT)
So I tried to install the English patch and started giving this error.
[Image: gHSVvAJ.png]
can anybody help me? (I think it's 'cause data12.v)
Same issue here, spent hours trying to figure out the cause, finally gave up and just deleted everything and reinstalled it, seemed to work for me (though there probably is a better solution).
its due to english patch. all you need to do is replaced with old data12.v and let the game patch with latest data12.v
Do not apply english patch after updating as the game wont start.
wait till fomica comes up with v3 translation.
I see, I'll try

So... If anyone can upload data.12v for me? my patcher won't downloading it again...
Probably a bit late, but v3 of the patch is already out, so you can just go replace it with that xD

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