Expired Erwin Promotion Event
[Image: 160420_aweek.jpg]
Erwin Promotion Event
Duration: April 20 - April 27 (Japan)

Event Summary:

Play Erwin to recieve rewards. (Maybe this will increase the 18% Play Rate).
This may only apply for newly created Erwins, but it may work on existing Erwins.

Conditions | Rewards
  • Clear Daily Quest | 3 Combat Textbook [1 Hour] (50% EXP Boost) 
  • Achieve Level 10 | 20 S Coin
  • Achieve Level 20 | 30 S Coin
Source: LG/H
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well we got 50% more exp yay^^, why are people dont play erwin that much well i heard its the weakest class but still people should play classes they like and not wat is op...
still live?

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