Expired [SW-JP 03/14/19] WHITE DAY EVENT 2019
     ・ White Day Event 2019

◆ ◆ WHITE DAY EVENT 2019 ◆ ◆

     [Image: 4-0_Banner_White_Day_Event_2019.png]

               March 14 (Thursday) ~ March 28 (Thursday), before maintenance
          【White Day-Only Event】
               ・ Event 1: S Coin Shop Discount
                         - The prices of items sold in the S Coin Shop have been reduced by 50%.
               ・ Event 2: Slight Support from Zaito
                         - You can purchase a ticket required for crafting the periodic equipment 「Support Void Series Equipment」
                         - You can purchase the 「Support Void Exchange Ticket」 from NPC 「Zaito」 under the 「Event」 Tab.
                              ※ 「10,000 Zenny」 is required to purchase the ticket.
                         - You can craft the 「Support Void Series Equipment」 from NPC 「Zenith」 under the 「Event」 Tab.
                              ※ 1 ticket is required for crafting each part.
                              ※ The equipment has a 60-day limit, and can only be crafted once per account for each part.
                              ※ The Support Void Series Equipment cannot be enhanced, cannot refine its options, grade, tag, etc.

               ・ Event 3: Slight Support from Martin
                         - It will be easier to obtain 「Void Scraps」 and 「Void Shards」.
                         - Increased the amount of 「Void Scraps」 and 「Void Shards」 dropped upon defeating YorhaKha.
                         - Increased the amount of 「Void Scraps」 and 「Void Shards」 obtained when using Bonus Card Key from 1 to 2.
                              ※ The amount in the random rewards are unchanged.
                         - You can craft a 「Disorders Series Equipment Selection Ticket」 from NPC 「Zenith」 under the 「Event」 Tab.
                              ※ 「Void Shards x 150」 and 「10,000 Zenny」 are required to craft the ticket.
                              ※ The ticket can only be crafted once per account.

          【Male NPCs Voting Event】
               ・ Similar to the Female NPCs Voting Event, clear the Event Mission which can be received daily to obtain the Voting Tickets.
               ・ Use those Voting Tickets to vote for your favorite Male NPC.
               ・ Once the results are announced, you can then exchange your Voting Tickets for items.
          Ref: http://hg-soulworker.gamecom.jp/board/event/180
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