Expired [SW-JP 03/19/20] GARDENING EVENT
     ・ Gardening Event


     [Image: 2-1_Banner_Gardening_Event.jpg]
               March 19 (Thursday) ~ April 02 (Thursday), before maintenance
          【Item Distribution Date】
               April 09 (Thursday), during maintenance (Planned)
                    ※ Receipt Deadline: 7 days after the distribution date
               ■ Number of Harvest
                    ・ Receive items depending on the number of crops harvested.
                         ※ You can still achieve the event conditions even if you have harvested wilted or rotten crops.
                    [Image: 2-1-1_Harvest_Count_Rewards.png]
               ■ Harvest by Crop
                    ・ Receive items by harvesting specific crops for a set number of times.
                         ※ Harvesting wilted crops do NOT count.
                         ※ You will only receive the reward once for each condition achieved.

                    [Image: 2-1-2_By_Crop_Rewards.png]
               ■ Harvest by Type
                    ・ Receive items depending on the type of crops harvested at least 3 times.
                         ※ Crops: Tomato, Grape, Rose, Pansy, Dandelion, Herb
                    [Image: 2-1-3_By_Type_Rewards.png]
          Ref: http://hg-soulworker.gamecom.jp/board/event/291

[Image: dddfdfd4154fds.gif]

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