・ 3rd Anniversary Events
          :: 3rd Anniversary Crafting Event
          :: 3rd Anniversary Weekly Mission
          :: 3rd Anniversary Illustration & Screenshot Contest
          :: 3rd Anniversary Real Goods Gift Campaign
          :: 3rd Anniversary Reverse Auction
     ・ 3rd Anniversary Let's Burning Event


     [Image: 4-0_Banner_3rd_Anniversary_Events.png]

               April 06 (Saturday), 20:00 JST ~ until event ends
          【Announcement of Winners】
               April 11 (Thursday), during maintenance (Planned)
               ・ The Reverse Auction will be held on April 06 (Saturday) at 20:00 JST.
               ・ Also, the Event GMs will be interacting with players in Rocco Town, Channel 10.
                         ※ There is a limit on the number of players that can enter the channel, so it’s possible some can’t go.
                         ※ The Auction will take place using the 「Super Space-Time Radio」. Please be advised when using the Space-Time chat during the event period.
                         ※ You can still participate in the Auction in any channel or area as long as HEMS transmission is possible.

          【What is Reverse Auction?】
               ・ Unlike regular auctions, each bidder will have the same amount of money in Reverse Auctions, and the purchase rights will be given to the bidder with lowest bid amount.
                    [Image: 4-5-1_Reverse_Auction_Mechanics.png]
          【Bidding Mechanics】
               ・ To participate, send your bid to 「【イベント】受付係」 with the bid amount written in the 「HEMS (Mail)」 title, using only 『Arabic numerals』.
               ・ You will be disqualified if you input anything besides Arabic numerals.
               ・ It does not matter if you use 『Full-width』 or 『Half-width』.
               ・ Also, 100 Zenny is required for each bid.
                         ※ Examples of disqualification:
                                   - Letters besides Arabic numerals are used: 『5ジェニー』, 『5で』, 『55!』
                                   - Letters are used, not Arabic numerals: 『ご』, 『V』, 『五』
                                   - Numbers less than 1 Zenny: 『0』, 『-1』

                    [Image: 4-5-2_Reverse_Auction_Example_Mail.png]
          Ref: http://hg-soulworker.gamecom.jp/event/11_anniversary

SWHQ Discord: https://discord.gg/wrP2k6b
Soulworker Community: https://discordapp.com/invite/jwdVrdB

FAQ: https://goo.gl/XScBVr

We highly encourage everyone to join our SoulWorker HQ Discord.
Most english players use that to interact with each other and share their game experiences, as well as to disseminate events, updates, etc.

IGN: 朝顔

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