・ Rumble Vacation Event
     ・ Doki Doki! Fan Letter Event


     [Image: 4-2-1_Banner_Doki_Doki_Fan_Letter_Event.jpg]

               July 12 (Thursday) ~ July 26 (Thursday), before maintenance
          【Reward/s Distribution Date】
               August 9 (Thursday), before maintenance (Expected)
                    ※ Regarding the distribution of reward items for this event, since it’ll be 2 weeks after the event ends, we humbly request for your understanding.
               Let’s send a fan letter to the person that’s on your mind! Depending on the number of obtained fan letters after the end of the event, we will be gifting items to all participating characters regardless of whom they sent it to.
               Who will win with the most number of fan letters obtained? We are hoping for your participation.
          【Achievement Condition and Rewards List】
               ■ Participation Reward
                    Regardless of the results, all participating characters will be given gifts.

                         [Image: 4-2-2_Participation_Reward_-_Edited.png]

               ■ Lottery Reward
                    From all characters that sent a fan letter, 10 of them will be given gifts through lottery.

                         [Image: 4-2-3_Lottery_Reward_-_Edited.png]

               ■ Subject Characters
                    This time, the 2nd subject characters are the Near Soulworkers and NED Company NPCs. Voting will be completed by sending HEMS to the event characters you wish to vote.
                         ※ If you vote more than once in one character, your participation to the event will be invalid.
                         ※ You are free to write anything in the title and body when sending the mail.
                    Note: If you wish to participate, you need to use JP IME. For example, if you wish to vote for Abel, you have send a mail to the recipient 「【イベント】アベル宛」.

                    [Image: 4-2-4_Voting_Example.png]

                    [Image: 4-2-5_Subject_Characters_-_Edited.png]

               ・ This event will be on a per character basis.
               ・ If you vote more than once in one character, your participation to the event will be invalid.
               ・ Please abide by the rules when participating in the event. In the event that a fraudulent activity with the intention of obtaining the gifts and rewards, which is against the Terms of Service, is confirmed, the corresponding character will not receive the rewards. Furthermore, additional measures will be made against those players.
               ・ The 「Reward Item/s」 will be distributed by mail to the characters on the item distribution date.
               ・ The receipt of each reward will only be limited to 1 for each character. Meaning, you can be rewarded only once for each condition achieved
               ・ Please note that the event contents may be subject to change or cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances.
               ・ The start and end time of this event may change depending on the maintenance time.
          Ref: http://hg-soulworker.gamecom.jp/board/event/101
SWHQ Discord: https://discord.gg/wrP2k6b
FAQ: https://goo.gl/XScBVr

We highly encourage everyone to join our SoulWorker HQ Discord.
Most english players use that to interact with each other and share their game experiences, as well as to disseminate events, updates, etc.

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