Expired SW-JP 08/09 SOULWORKER CROSSOVER EVENT (08/16 Addendum)
     ・ Triple Burning Event
     ・ Merchant Union's Love Healing Event
     ・ Soulworker Crossover Event
     ・ Midsummer New & Comeback Support Campaign


     [Image: 5-3-0_Banner_Soulworker_Crossover_Event.jpg]

               ■ In-Game Category
                    During the event period, challenge various Soulworker components and obtain items. In addition, it is also a chance to obtain 「Soulworker Original WebMoney Card」 through lottery.
                    □ Period
                         August 09 (Thursday) ~ August 23 (Thursday), before maintenance
                    □ Gift Item Distribution and Lottery Results Announcement Date
                         August 30 (Thursday), during maintenance
                    □ Gift Item Distribution Method
                         ・ In-game Items: Will be distributed to characters through mail.
                         ・ Soulworker Original WebMoney Card: Winners will be contacted through HEMS (Mail) for the distribution method.
                    □ Event Overview
                         During the event period, items will be gifted depending on the conditions achieved by playing various in-game items. Furthermore, you can obtain lottery rights by sending HEMS (Mail) to the Event Character conforming to the conditions, and the person who wins the lottery event will be gifted a 「Soulworker Original WebMoney Card」.
                              ※ Characters created after the August 09 (Thursday) maintenance cannot participate in the lottery.
                              ※ Please only participate in the lottery if you can contact us with the address and name of the shipping address.
                    □ Achievement Conditions
                         [Image: 5-3-1-1_Achievement_Conditions.png]
                    □ Conditions Achieved Reward Items
                         [Image: 5-3-1-2_Conditions_Achieved_Reward_Items.png]
                         ◆ Example
                              If you have achieved 8 conditions, you will obtain the following:
                                   ・ 「S Coin」 x 600
                                   ・ 「Chloe’s Q.B.D [Enhancement Protection] Box」 x 2
                    □ Lottery Participation Method
                         During the campaign period, you can participate in the lottery of 「Soulworker Original WebMoney Card」 by sending a HEMS (Mail) to 「【イベント】受付係」 in-game.
                              ※ Please pay the required Zenny for sending HEMS.
                              ※ The Title and Contents are not required in the mail.
                         [Image: 5-3-1-3_HEMS_Transmission_Example.png]
                    □ About the Lottery Item
                         A lottery will be drawn after the event for all participating characters, and the winners will be contacted through HEMS (Mail) regarding the method in receiving the 「Soulworker Original WebMoney Card」.
                              ※ Eligibility is not only through sending HEMS.
                              ※ Eligibility is not only through achieving the conditions.
                              ※ The lottery rights is not an actual item to be distributed.
                              ※ The lottery rights is granted to the characters that have achieved each conditions.
                              ※ You can only win once per account.
                         [Image: 5-3-1-4_Lottery_Item.png]
                         ※ The picture is just a (sample) image.
                    □ Campaign Notes
                         ・ You can only participate in this campaign by satisfying the campaign conditions.
                         ・ Please note that all contents related to the matters/items and event published in this notice page, may be subject to change without prior notice.
                         ・ Regardless of any kind of damages / losses that are caused by this campaign, the Management Team will not respond to any requests, such as compensations and/or supplements.
               ■ Twitter Category
                    During the event period, you can obtain a 「Soulworker Original WebMoney Card」 through lottery by tweeting the event hashtag.
                    □ Period
                         August 09 (Thursday) ~ August 23 (Thursday), before maintenance
                    □ Lottery Results Announcement Date
                         August 30 (Thursday), during maintenance
                    □ Method in Contacting the Winners
                         Will be contacted through Direct Message of the winners’ Twitter accounts.
                    □ Participation Method
                         Please follow the Soulworker Official Twitter, and tweet with words that include the event hashtag 「ソウルワーカーの夏休み」.
                    □ Event Hashtag
                         #イリスアップグレード (08/16/2018 Addendum)
                    □ Lottery Content
                         [Image: 5-3-2-1_Lottery_Item.png]
                         ※ The picture is just a (sample) image.
          Ref: http://hg-soulworker.gamecom.jp/board/event/109

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