・ Soulstone Growth Event


     [Image: 3-1_Banner_Soulstone_Growth_Event.jpg]

               November 22 (Thursday) ~ December 06 (Thursday), before maintenance
          【Rewards Distribution Date】
               December 13 (Thursday), during maintenance (Planned)
                    ※ Receipt Deadline: 7 days after the distribution date
               During the event period, by growing (upgrading) Soulstones, you can obtain valuable items depending on the conditions you have achieved.
                    ※ You will be gifted with items for each condition achieved, regardless of the Soulstone’s attribute.
                    ※ The rewards for each condition achieved can only be obtained once.

          【Achievement Conditions and Rewards List】
               ■ List of rewards obtained depending on the Soulstone’s growth
                    [Image: 3-2_Achievement_Conditions_and_Rewards_List_v2.png]
               ■ Grow the Soulstone to Grade 9, and be reimbursed with 50% of the Zenny spent
                    During the event period, if you grow the Soulstone to Grade 9, 「1,750,000 Zenny」 will be gifted which is 50% of the required Zenny to turn it into Grade 9.
                         ※ The gift can only be obtained once.
          【Event Achievement Example】
               During the event period, if you grow both 「[Grade 8] Soulstone of Serenity」 and 「[Grade 7] Soulstone of Malice」 to Grade 9, you can obtain the following:
                    ・ 「BSK Brooch Cube」 x 4
                    ・ 「BP Box (5000)」 x 2
                    ・ 「50000 Ether Box」 x 2
                    ・ 「S Coin」 x 300
                    ・ 「[Mid-grade] Splendor Fragment」 x 20
                    ・ 「[Mid-grade] Malice Fragment」 x 20
                    ・ 「[Mid-grade] Serenity Fragment」 x 20
                    ・ 「[Mid-grade] Hatred Fragment」 x 20
                    ・ 「[Mid-grade] Healing Fragment」 x 20
                    ・ 「[Mid-grade] Agony Fragment」 x 20
                    ・ 「1,750,000 Zenny」

               ・ Please note that the in-game reward items are subject to a receipt deadline 7 days after distribution.
               ・ This event will be on a per character basis.
               ・ Please note that all contents related to the matters/items and the event published in this notice page may be subject to change without prior notice.
               ・ Please abide by the rules when participating in the event. In the event that a fraudulent activity with the intention of obtaining the gifts and rewards that is against the Terms of Service is confirmed, the corresponding character will not receive the rewards. Furthermore, additional measures will be made against those players.
               ・ Please note that the event contents may be subject to change or cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances.
          Ref: http://hg-soulworker.gamecom.jp/board/event/146
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