Expired SW-JP December 21 Events
     ・ 2017 Christmas Event Part 2
     ・ New Year's Holiday Test of Luck Event
     ・ GAMEcom Credit Payment Campaign
     ・ Twitter-only Release, Christmas Wallpaper Gift
◆ ◆ 2017 Christmas Event Part 2 ◆ ◆

     [Image: 6-1-1_Banner_Christmas_Event_Pt.2.jpg]

          December 7 (Thursday) ~ January 4 (Thursday), before maintenance
          During the event period, let’s collect 「Snow Crystals」 that drop from all mazes and raids, and try to obtain the event-exclusive accessory avatars and furniture. You may be able to advance on 3 events by handing the 「Snow Crystals」 over to NPC Zenith. In the 3 events, you may be able to obtain 「Reindeer’s Horns」, 「Rudolph’s Nose」, and 「Snow Crystal Earrings」, respectively.
          ※ The event-exclusive items, 「Snow Crystal」, 「Tree Orb」, and 「Tree Seed」 will be deleted during the regular maintenance on January 4 (Thursday).
     If you equip the 3 Avatars together, you will be able to use the 「Santa Glutton ☆ Transform」 gesture!

     ■ Lonely Christmas
               Only during the event period, the maze 「Lonely Christmas」 is added! 「Noah」 and 「Poison」 that will appear as enemies in this general maze, will appear in a Christmas-version Santa costume.
          【Method to Obtain Tree Orb】
          ① Let’s craft 「Tree Orb」 via NPC Zenith with the 「Snow Crystals」 as the crafting material!
                    First off, craft the 「Tree Orb」 with the collected 「Snow Crystals」 as the crafting material.

          [Image: 6-1-2_Christmas_Event_Step_1_edited.png]

          ② Let’s challenge the event maze 「Lonely Christmas」!
                    By using the 「Tree Orb」, you may be able to enter the maze 「Lonely Christmas」, which can only be entered during the limited-time event. Let’s defeat huge gift boxes and boss monsters that appears in 「Lonely Christmas」, and get the 「Snow Crystal Earrings」 and more!

          [Image: 6-1-2_Christmas_Event_Step_2.png]

          【Items dropped from Boss Monsters and Gift Boxes】
               ※ The S Coins dropped from the Gift Boxes are up to 3 at a time.

          [Image: 6-1-3_Christmas_Event_List_edited.png]

     ■ Support Gifts
               In order to further enjoy this Christmas event, event items will be gifted daily from December 21 (Thursday), after maintenance, to January 4 (Thursday), before maintenance. Please be advised that you will no longer be able to receive the gift items once the day changes.
               ※ The item listed on January 4 (Thursday) can only be received before the start of the maintenance.
          【Gift Items】

          [Image: 6-2-1_Support_Gifts_List_edited.png]

     Ref: http://hg-soulworker.gamecom.jp/board/event/24

◆ ◆ New Year's Holiday Test of Luck Event ◆ ◆

          December 22 (Friday), 9:00 JST ~ January 18 (Thursday), before maintenance
          During the event period, 「New Year Test of Luck」 missions will occur every day as a Daily Mission. When clearing the missions and collecting plenty of 「New Year’s Holiday!  Test of Luck Random Box Coupon」, the coupons you got will be exchanged with amusing random boxes during the January 18 (Thursday) maintenance.
     【Event Procedure】
          ① Press the Daily Mission button at the upper-left corner of the game screen.

          [Image: 6-3-1_Test_of_Luck_Event_Step_1.png]

          ② Open the Daily Mission’s Event tab, and accept the 「New Year Test of Luck」 mission.

          [Image: 6-3-1_Test_of_Luck_Event_Step_2.png]

          ③ Clear the mission 「Clear maze once」.

          [Image: 6-3-1_Test_of_Luck_Event_Step_3.png]

          ・ Please note that the event content may be subject to change or cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances.
     Ref: http://hg-soulworker.gamecom.jp/board/event/30

◆ ◆ GAMEcom Credit Payment Campaign ◆ ◆

     [Image: 6-4-1_Banner_GAMEcom_Credit_Campaign.jpg]

          December 20 (Wednesday), 15:00 ~ January 11 (Thursday), 23:59 JST
     【Item Distribution Date and Method】
          Date: January 18 (Thursday), during maintenance
          Method: The reward items will be distributed via in-game HEMS (Mail)’s account mail
          During the event period, items will be gifted to any users that charge 10,000 Y.P or more in their GAMEcom account using a credit card that can be used in the game titles, 「Soulworker」, 「ICARUS ONLINE」, 「新生R.O.H.A.N」, and 「SiLKROAD Revolution」.
     【Campaign Target】
          GAMEcom member accounts that charge 10,000 Y.P or more by credit card payment.
          ※ Instead of purchasing items totaling 10,000 Y.P or more, charging Y.P worth 10,000 Y.P or more will be the target of this campaign.
          ※ This campaign will be on a per account basis.
          「Soulworker」 Reward Items (Total of 2 items)

          [Image: 6-4-1_GAMEcom_Credit_Campaign_edited.png]

          ・ Players can automatically participate in this campaign as long as they have satisfied the campaign conditions.
          ・ Please note that all contents related to the published information, and the event of this particular notice page may be subject to change without prior notice.
          ・ In the event that fraudulent payments, etc., is confirmed, in accordance to the Management Policy, certain measures will be made against the corresponding account in regards to the Terms of Service.
          ・ Please be forewarned that we will not handle refunds, etc. after charging / topping-up Y.P.
          ・ In regards to any kind of damages / loss that is caused by this campaign, the Management team will not respond to any requests, such as compensation and/or supplements.
     Ref: http://hg-soulworker.gamecom.jp/board/event/28

◆ ◆ Twitter-only Release, Christmas Wallpaper Gift ◆ ◆

          We thank you for your continued support of the Soulworker Official Twitter! This time, we have released a URL page where you will be able to download the Christmas wallpaper only in the Soulworker Official Twitter. We look forward for your continued support!
     【Download Method】
          Click on the image below to move to a larger image, right-click on the surface of the displayed image, then please save it to any location with 「Save As」.
          Ref: http://web-img.cdn.wemade.jp/upload/2017...264904.png

          [Image: WMT3001061918555933264904.png]
          ・ Please refrain from the redistribution of the wallpaper.
          ・ To be able to use this illustration for purposes other than for personal use, it is necessary to agree to the Soulworker 「Terms of Service regarding Copyrighted Works」. Please use it after properly checking the contents of the 「Terms of Service regarding Copyrighted Works」.
          ・ You may check the 「Terms of Service regarding Copyrighted Works」 in the Fan Site Kit Page.
     Ref: http://hg-soulworker.gamecom.jp/board/event/29 

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