Expired SW-JP February 08 Events
     ・ HAPPY Valentine Event
     ・ Celebration for Achieving 1,000 Followers Retweet Campaign
     ・ Burning Event

◆ ◆ HAPPY Valentine Event ◆ ◆

     [Image: 4-1-1_Banner_Happy_Valentine_Event.jpg]
          February 8 (Thursday) ~ February 22 (Thursday), before maintenance
          During the event period, let’s collect 「Valentine Chocolates」dropped in mazes and get various titles!
          ■ Let’s obtain Valentine’s Chocolates!
               Obtain 「Valentine Chocolates」 dropped from enemies in all mazes. The chance of 「Valentine Chocolates」 dropping differs on maze difficulty.

               [Image: 4-1-2_Valentine_Chocolates.png]
               [Image: 4-1-3_Valentine_Chocolates_Drop_rate.png]

          ■ Let’s craft Valentine Chocolates!
               Craft 「Valentine Material Box」 via NPC Zenith with the obtained 「Valentine Chocolates」 as the crafting material.

               [Image: 4-1-4_Valentine_Material_Box.png]
               [Image: 4-1-5_Valentine_Material_Box_crafting.jpg]

          ■ Let’s craft 「Titles」!
               You will be able to obtain the necessary materials for crafting 「Titles」 by crafting the 「Stage 2 Materials」 and 「Stage 3 Materials」, using the obtained materials from 「Valentine Material Box」.
                    ※ In regards to the font colors of each title, please check in the in-game Crafting (window).

               [Image: 4-1-6_Title_List.png]

          ・ Please note that all contents related to the matters/items and event published in this notice page, may be subject to change without prior notice.
          ・ Please abide by the rules when participating in the event. In the event that a fraudulent activity with the intention of obtaining the gifts and rewards, which is against the Terms of Service, is confirmed, the corresponding character will not receive the rewards. Furthermore, additional measures will be made against those players.
          ・ Please note that the event contents may be subject to change or cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances.
          ・ The start and end time of this event may change depending on the maintenance time.
     Ref: http://hg-soulworker.gamecom.jp/board/event/47

◆ ◆ Celebration for Achieving 1,000 Followers Retweet Campaign ◆ ◆
     [Image: 4-2-1_Banner_1000_Followers.jpg]
          February 8 (Thursday) ~ February 22 (Thursday), before maintenance

     【Reward/s Distribution Period】
          Will be announced in the Official Twitter at the end of the event
               ※ The reward items are planned to be distributed in the account mail.
          The Soulworker Official Twitter has reached 1,000 followers! We will be starting a campaign where you can obtain extravagant items to your account to express our thanks, depending on the number of times the 「Event Object Tweet」 is re-tweeted.
     【Participation Method】
          Please follow Soulworker’s new official twitter and retweet the 「Event Object Tweet」. Rewards will be gifted when the number of retweets exceeds the specific milestones.
     【Official Twitter Account】
     【Event Object Tweet】
          Link: https://twitter.com/soulworkerJP_GC/stat...1319749632
     【Rewards List】

          [Image: 4-2-2_1000_Followers_-_edited.png]

     Ref: http://hg-soulworker.gamecom.jp/board/event/46

◆ ◆ Burning Event ◆ ◆
     [Image: 4-3-1_Banner_Burning_Event.jpg]
          February 8 (Thursday) ~ February 12 (Monday), 23:59 JST
          Obtained EXP and Zenny are increased by 50%! During the event period, 「[Periodic] Extremely Highly-concentrated Vitamin Z」 will also be gifted every day!
     【Implementation Content】
          ☆ Obtained EXP (when defeating a monster) is increased by 50%.
          ☆ Obtained Zenny is increased by 50%.
          ☆ During the event period, 「[Periodic] Extremely Highly-concentrated Vitamin Z」 will be gifted every day which can only be received on the same day.
               ※ The 「[Periodic] Extremely Highly-concentrated Vitamin Z」 can only be used within 24 hours after receipt. It will automatically disappear if it has passed its usable period.
          ・ Please note that the event content may be subject to change or cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances.
     Ref: http://hg-soulworker.gamecom.jp/board/event/48
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