Expired SW-JP February 22 Events
     ・ Item Mall Campaign
     ・ Equipment Creation Support Event

◆ ◆ Item Mall Campaign ◆ ◆
          February 22 (Thursday) ~ March 1 (Thursday), before maintenance
     【Gift Item Distribution Date】
          March 8 (Thursday), during maintenance
     【Gift Item Distribution Method】
          Via account mail
     【Campaign Contents】
          During the campaign period, you will be able to receive convenient items which you can use in-game depending on the total amount you have purchased in the in-game Item Mall. You may obtain items such as 「Deluxe AR Card Cube」 and 「Chloe’s Q.B.D [Enhancement Protection] Box」!
          ※ Just purchasing Y.P will not be eligible.
          ※ During the campaign period, the gift items will be determined based on the total Y.P used in the same account.
          ※ The aggregation of this campaign will be done on an account basis.

          [Image: 4-1_Item_Mall_Campaign_-_edited.png]

          Example of Gift Item/s Obtained
               If you purchased items for a total amount of 11,000 Y.P in the same account wherein, 「2,000 Y.P in character A」, 「5,000 Y.P in character B」, and 「4,000 Y.P in character C」, the items below will be gifted:
               ・ 「S Coin」 x 1,000
               ・ 「Chloe’s Q.B.D [Enhancement Protection]」 x 2
               ・ 「Deluxe AR Card Cube」 x 2
     【Campaign Notes】
          ・ Players can automatically participate in this campaign as long as they have satisfied the campaign conditions.
          ・ Please note that just charging / topping-up Y.P will not be eligible for the campaign.
          ・ During the campaign period, the total purchase amount will be based on the total Y.P used in the Item Mall.
          ・ Please note that all contents related to the matters/items and event published in this notice page, may be subject to change without prior notice.
          ・ In the event that fraudulent payments, etc., is confirmed, in accordance to the Management Policy, certain measures will be made against the corresponding account in regards to the Terms of Service.
          ・ Please be forewarned that we will not handle refunds, etc. after charging / topping-up Y.P.
          ・ In regards to any kind of damages / loss that is caused by this campaign, the Management team will not respond to any requests, such as compensation and/or supplements.
     Ref: http://hg-soulworker.gamecom.jp/board/event/51


◆ ◆ Equipment Creation Support Event ◆ ◆

     [Image: 4-2-1_Banner_Equipment_Creation_Support_Event.jpg]

          February 22 (Thursday) ~ March 8 (Thursday), before maintenance

     【Reward Distribution Date】
          March 15 (Thursday), during maintenance (Expected)
          During the event period, by crafting unique equipment and achieving the specified conditions, you can obtain items according to the achievement conditions at a later date.
     【Achievement Condition and Rewards List】
          [Image: 4-2-2_Equipment_Creation_Support_-_edited.png]
          ※ Since the condition is achieved the moment the item is crafted, there will be no problems even if you decide to trade, dismantle, sell, etc. the created item.
          ・ This event will be on a per character basis.
          ・ Please abide by the rules when participating in the event. In the event that a fraudulent activity with the intention of obtaining the gifts and rewards, which is against the Terms of Service, is confirmed, the corresponding character will not receive the rewards. Furthermore, additional measures will be made against those players.
          ・ The 「Reward Item/s」 will be distributed to the characters on the item distribution date.
          ・ The receipt of each reward will only be limited to 1 for each character. *Meaning, you can be rewarded only once for each condition achieved*
          ・ Please note that the event contents may be subject to change or cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances.
     Ref: http://hg-soulworker.gamecom.jp/board/event/52
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