Expired SW-JP November 16 Event
     ・ Brooch Synthesis Probability Increase Event

◆ ◆ Brooch Synthesis Probability Increase Event ◆ ◆
     [Image: 3-0_Brooch_Synthesis.jpg]

          November 16 (Friday) ~ November 30 (Thursday), before maintenance
          During the event period, the probability rate of obtaining a Giga or Tera brooch through synthesis is increased. This event applies to SD, BSK, and FOT brooches.
               ① If you synthesize a combination of 5 Mega (or higher-ranked) brooches, it will result to a guaranteed Giga brooch.
               ② If you synthesize a combination of 5 Giga brooches, the probability rate of obtaining a Tera brooch will be doubled.
          ※ There will be no change in synthesis probability rates if either of two conditions above are not met.
          Required Item for Synthesis
               - Brooch Synthesizer

          [Image: 3-1_Brooch_Synthesis.png]

          [Image: 3-2_Brooch_Synthesis.png]

          [Image: 3-3_Brooch_Synthesis.png]

               ※ Please note that all contents related to the published information, and the event of this particular notice page may be subject to change without prior notice.
               ※ Please note that the event content may be subject to change or cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances.
               ※ The start and end time of this event may change depending on the maintenance time.
     Ref: http://hg-soulworker.gamecom.jp/board/event/18
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