FPS drop very badly
Normally on 140FPS++ but dropped to 40 when fighting a lot of monsters/mob, even worst when fighting one single boss (drop to 10fps).

When this happen, the skill slot will keep flickering (skill appear and disappear) and will stay like that for few seconds.

My laptop (Asus ROG laptop Running on Windows 10) current spec are :
- Intel Core i7 6700HQ
- Nvidia Geforce GTX960M
- 12GB Ram

And the game directory is placed in my SSD.
I tried to put everything to very low graphic settings but that doesn't solve the fps drop during boss fight.
(Also I made sure that the game is running with GPU from the Nvidia Control Panel)

Any idea what causes this lag? (Even Blade & Soul don't lag that much...)
you should go to the discord chat to ask, but mainly probably cuz the game si not very optimize

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