[GUIDE] Patching the game manually
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for me patching manually is necessary at this point because my files are corupted and launcher will keep giving me errors everytime even if i replace files Angry
well if thats ur problem then u will have to patch ur game manually Blush

thanks to my bro Phisit Shy on facebook they made a BACKUP of the game on google all u have to do is to download the new files of the current version

''how should i know?''

well thanks to him u can know the new files if u read (read me)

basicly all u have to do replace the newest files and edit on version.ini file (that u find near the client) to the same number of the current version (which is written in read me) make sure u replace all of files
do you have a back up for the new update? coz i have the 7001 error
that guy is lazy XD he didnt update why dont u check hiromi's backup not sure if its update he dosnt keep a read file

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