Game Files 09/16/19
Patch Files for 9/16/19

Google Drive

Installation Instruction
Download game launcher from the web
Put anywhere the files from launcher example C;/Wemade Launhcer
After that copy all downloaded files into Temporary Folder 
Put the files u downloaded on C:/Wemade Launcher/Soulworker/Temporary Folder
Start the game and let the folder extracting himself 
Enjoy th game

Note : i've been downloading this game like a day even i have 100mbps speed download the limit download are fucking annoying
Hi! Thank you for the contribution. But, no need to concern yourself for this since we also provide the recent game files in the FAQ (linked in my signature below and also linked in the SWHQ Discord).

[Image: dddfdfd4154fds.gif]

Please join the SWHQ Discord for the Patch Notes translations. Thank you! ♫

SWHQ Discord:
Soulworker Community:

IGN: 朝顔
Oh. Actually, this is a nice alternative way of semi-officially downloading the files (via directly downloading them instead of via the launcher), with the benefit of not needing to manually edit the registry.

Note, however, that the base install version as of this writing is; After installation, it will then download further files until it gets to the current latest version that is as of this writing.
In contrast, for the Manual Installation supplied in the FAQ, it will not download further files as you will be installing the current version.

The base install files are periodically updated though. Should that happen, you can download the install files from "", up to _010.Gz, using your favorite download manager.

EDIT: Eep. And just like that, the new base install version has now been updated to (reference), rendering the files posted in OP outdated already.

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