Game Wont Stay Connected
So I can log into the game but after about 2 or 3 minutes of being logged in the game gives me an error saying "Connection to Server lost." I use SoftEther VPN and try to make sure I connect to one with low ping, high Mbps and low ammount of people connected to that VPN. This is highly annoying because it barely gives me enough time to choose and customize my character before getting disconnected, if anyone knows how to fix this issue it would be very much appriciated.
During character creation, you must be fast or you will get disconnected, since the character creation seems entirely client sided until you try to confirm it, it is normal to get disconnected if you take ages (as the game hasn't sent or received any packet during that duration, it results in a time out of your login session).

Which means, instead of checking the character you want to create everytime, do it next time with a plan, knowing what to choose already, and make sure you do it fast.

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