Game keeps crashing
I can play for a few minutes, even managed to clear first mission/dungeon, and then a crash happens. No error, no message. It's as if someone pressen Alt + F4. I've tired playing with the VPN and without. Closed all unnecessary processes. Still the same. Any ideas?
try to change your region -> japanese
and date time -> japan
Not long ago had some problem. my solution:

Reinstall game at JAP regional settings, lunch it, and set options like this:

Resolution: 1024x768
Mode: "Half windowed" (dunno how to name it). Its 2nd on list.
Quaity: Low
Anti-Alising: Off
In game i set every bar into 0 (you cant change bars before lunching game).

then onyly thing you need to do:

1. Connect with VPN
2. Log-in on site
3. Lunch game
4. disconnect from VPN, and close booth VPN and site when Xign code load.
5. Play game.

At start you can try before reinstall. Just set JAP regional settings if you dont use it now.

Ofc update all your drivers and get latest possible DirecX (I have 11.2). About Browsler i recommand Google Chrome with IE tab. Its faster and use lower memory than IE.

Hope it helps. If you still have problems i can try to help but dunno is it possible. Will be nice if yo write your Computer spec (and is it laptop or PC, becouse some games just HATE laptops (especially Acer)(dunno how it works)).
@ rifqiriham12

That did the job. Thank you

@ Irisdina

A+ for effort, but I did not have to go through all that Smile
ty for the tips it works fine now^^ happy gaming you all
I have too a problem. I have a Date and Region japanese but the game crash =. No error, no messages too. What I do ?

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