Gameforge Confirms Soul Worker NA and EU Release
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MMOCulture Wrote:Gameforge today announced its cooperation with South Korean studio Lion Games and will be publishing Soul Worker in EU and NA. “I am pleased to finally accommodate the desires of players in Europe and North America with Soul Worker. We can hardly wait to get going with this hotly anticipated game”, said Daniel Werner, Product Director for Soul Worker at Gameforge.

The focus of Soul Worker is on high-energy battles in a third-person perspective. Using keyboard and mouse or controller if they choose, players take on the role of a young chosen one, who has to fight against menacing forces in a post-apocalyptic world. Every character has access to a particularly special emotion, such as revenge or madness, which then define their class and their weapon.

Using these feelings, the young heroes unleash special abilities that distinguish themselves as Soul Workers, and use them skilfully in battle for class-specific attack and defense manoeuvres. Fans of Japanese anime series and action game lovers, be it online or offline, alike can look forward to a cinematic gameplay experience in Soul Worker, which makes full use of the HAVOK Vision Engine+.

An extraordinary cinema visualization is created with an exciting background story, detailed cel-shading animations, cut-scenes and NPC dialogues set to music. Fresh classes such as the ‘Howling Guitar’, who wields a guitar for surface area attacks and healing effect, feel familiar for the genre while escaping popular cliches as players fight against the threats coming from another dimension

Source: Gameforge/MMOCulture
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interesting i dont know if this is bad news or good news in a way its good to have english servers but in another way that will make a strong hit towards the english comunties at jp server...... for me i think im settling at jp cuz the english version will never be like the japanese it will be just a cheap copy with korean voices
english for sure because english community is where my english self belongs because simply im english and can only understand english
Well, most of the invested players will probably stick to the JP accounts.  It also depends on the quality of service and how long it takes to come out.
quality of service will be ((((((((((((money graping)))))) like most westran combanys as for how long it will take......hmmm double the time that the jp version took lol an
gameforge = game die
is gameforge have bad reputation?
i never play gameforge game before Undecided
(04-27-2016, 12:06 AM)Resnivy29 Wrote: is gameforge have bad reputation?
i never play gameforge game before Undecided

Bad is compliment...
better Japan server......
japanese servers are unque i tried this in different games they want u to enjoy the game westren servers want to enjoy ur pocket
(04-27-2016, 01:18 AM)Noctilucent Wrote:
(04-27-2016, 12:06 AM)Resnivy29 Wrote: is gameforge have bad reputation?
i never play gameforge game before Undecided

Bad is compliment...

yeah, i read much the article about gameforge, yeah they have bad reputation like F2P to P2P, i hope SWHQ Patch English always update for new patch, i support it Big Grin
Sorry about bad English Big Grin
YEAH, SWO COME TO SEA, i cant waiting for this
So soul worker in NA out finally ? Can some one give me the link to downlod it I mean soul worker Cry
It's not out yet, was only announced that's coming to EU and NA.

Do you play on JP server?
when soul worker NA coming Cant wait Smile
well i will see, first we can play DELAYLESS thats a good think , even if you just have a little delay, without it its more smooth
yea second its gameforge i dont expect something to change currency wise it will earlier or later more and more p2w
3. is KNOWLEDGE, i mean we know how the game works already, rush up stay on cap and enjoy till the chaos begin i think they will fluid the game with events at first for some time
4. PVP if this will ever be implemented then yea ots obvious where you enjoy it more
THE REAL DOWNSIDE is just the IT WILL BE P2W FACTOR till that conquer the game and rush things up remember we have knowledge already even if this might be bad for new players its alltime some egoism there. overprice cheap stuff there like star cards for 200k or pouches lay bag enjoy your money income and stuff like that use your KNOWLEDGE
ok guys i will try it cause yea why not
the problem right now is more of fps issue rather than net lag. even if you have military grade net, fps drop is what causing the game to not run smooth. Jumping alone eats loads of fps. jukebox +lily tornado+ haru cross fps drop.

p2w factor far i doubt it...even between +5 to +7 and  dmg is not much of difference. Terra brooch is expensive but affordable with lv 54 dungeon runs. (its more like pso2...people who have 13 star not much difference than 12 star player). The dmg is not much of difference.
QBD protector is rather anoying as its scare resource but still farmable with s-coin. So far item mall stuff doesnt give much advantage other than pay for fast/convenient. I could sold my haru spoty hat for 7.5m but a single good accessory from boss alone cost 20m-50m.
i have no fps problems and im using slowest internet in the world its something in ur pc im sure its not connection problem
well not sure if pc problem or client problem, my pc pretty much updated. Its kinda discuss in discord many times and some said even jp have fps problem.
so you have 60fps with lily tornado+jukebox while jumping? pretty impressive.
on the other hand internet has never been a problem to me.

update: it seems people in discord saying they fix the fps issue after today update. Gonna test mine after i reach home. hopefully not more fps drop.

No one answer me :9

and when soul worker out lets be friend and help each other Okay //.^

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