General Costume Set Effects
First ... let's talk about cube effects.

Cubes can obtained from box , daily login reward , and item mall. (item mall will guaranteed you can get mega class or higher)
Cubes has 3 types Attack , Defense , and Function Type.

Next, let's check your costume slots (free costume only have one or two slot ,but item mall will give you 3 slots.You can use cash item for add a slot later)
If you would like to add a cubes into your costumes , open an inventory window and choose your costume you want to add a cube effects then click and select second menu like this picture.
About slot, you can't put a cube effects only one type. If your cube effects not match with your slots the system won't accept that.
First Slot = Attack Cube
Second Slot = Defense Cube
Third Slot = Function Cube

When you added a cube effects all in 3 slots with same colors, you will get a bonus effects following this picture.

For example ,here this is my character.
And then you will get an aura effects around yourself like this pictures. (It's just a little)
Maybe I'll translate about cube effects later.

Thanks, and sorry about my bad English.
I do want to add that if you want to replace the broaches, the ones you are currently using WILL be destroyed. So I suggest to plan out ahead before doing this.
I didnt know about slotting even costumes. Well, now i have something more looking forward to.

Thanks for the thread!
You do know that its mostly cash related items right?
Most of it is cash related.
Depends on anyone who want to spend there money to buy all of it
Although they are cash item, we can still purchase them with overpriced in-game currency in the market  Cry
If you don't want to pay in cash , you can purchase them in the market.
But Giga and Tera cube it's very expensive.
[Image: YVgIYyH.png]
while the price can be really expensive seeing the rate
han coin 350 uniform is about 4-6m.....
Terra brooch can reach up to 20m-25m.....whether the value is worth it or not for the whole set....

how much speed does it takes to actually be haru have 14% and yet i still fail to execute 6 button combo.  Elite smack her before she connects her last hit.....and the loop goes on..

defense penetration? how much to be noticable as i believe this only appear in GIGA brooch ....and its 1%...

whats the value for hit to be useful....because i believe when hit fails and causes hit failure? to drop to 50% of your damage?
can you overwrite the old brooch at your costume with the new one ?
and any item required to do that ?
you can overide anytime. But the old one will be destroyed.
you dont need any item, just hover the new brooch onto the one your wanted to replace.
Q: i just craft a body costume but the function cube didnt unlocked. why is this happening? is there any ways to unlock it?

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