General Memorial Items [Full Guide with Pictures for all Locations]
[Image: UimHeph.png]
[Image: yCgSLdf.png]
Collect collectibles from dungeons (hug all walls!).
Press to redeem them for blueprints after obtaining them all.
Collect the materials necessary.
Talk to the NPC in town.
Click on the fourth tab and craft!
Socket them with boosters.
Also clear each maze/dungeon 10 or so times and fill the bar to get City/Town items [L hotkey]!!
[Image: wLMQI8p.png]
Examples of locations (random on each episode):

Rocco Town

Candus City

Grace City

Ruin Fortress
wow. thanks for the hardwork.
by the way sometimes i noticed the spot is missing and requires me to do several runs for it to show up.
isit random chance of appearing?
Yes, the chance is random. Apparently location in each map is random as well?
yea i noticed its random...i went and did all the thing like trying other map and re-enter the collectable map without npc.. still no spawn.
its pure random. infact i believe the loading screen did put a notification that there is a chance for memorial to spawn.

eg flame breaker ep just at starting map...but ive tried up to 4 times (change in between maps and enter without npc) ....and finally 5th one spawned. Too bad this consume Fatigue points...
Can you update some picture of the costume and what is the city/town item ?
Oh, thanks for hard work!  Big Grin
whoops, nevermind
for some reason the image appears now Big Grin
again, thanks for the info 'w')

seems like the spawn chance will be somewhat higher after you've cleared the episode, and even higher after you've cleared the maze?
i wish i could press like twice really nice work ...... that will help lazy me Tongue Tongue
The Front line seem to be removed, see if you can fix it , ty =)
Can someone confirm that Buster Core's fourth item is actually found in the location in the picture?  I've run it 8 times and have yet to encounter it.  Otherwise, does it only spawn like after I clear the area or something?
Great work, really helped alot. Although i have a question... you can get every single piece, boots, hats, gloves etc. But the top clothes are not there... where the hell am i suppose to get one for the full set? -_-
The "body" piece comes from town completion, which is when you get all zones in a town to 100% clearance.

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