General Raid Guide - Last Carnival / Junk Hive / Bandit Highway / Iron Castle

So you've managed to reach level 55. Congratulations! What took ya? Now you can start farming "end-game" stuff.  I know what you're thinking, "Why bother with raiding when I can just grind for my Steel Gate MK sets?" True, those give better raw stats, but have you seen the set effects versus the ones you can craft from raid blue prints? If this interests you, then we better get you prep'd up, cuz this is going to be the start of a very, very long grind. Unless of course if RNGesus either favors you, or f*cks you over.

Basic Information

[Image: FDfimXe.jpg]

Last Carnival
Boss - Madness Puppet Edgar
Location - Rocco Town
Entry Limit - 2 times a day
FP Required - 10
Solo-able - Yes, Not Recommended

[Image: 6HbzkPb.jpg]

Junk Hive
Boss - Violet Murderess
Location - Candus City
Entry Limit - 2 times a day
FP Required - 10
Solo-able - Yes, Not Recommended

[Image: FoYEOTp.jpg]

Bandit Highway
Boss - Phantom Shadow
Location - Grace City
Entry Limit - 2 times a day
FP Required - 10
Solo-able - Yes, Not Recommended

[Image: 4GP4mfH.jpg]

Iron Castle
Boss - Zieg Proto Zero
Location - Ruin Fortress
Entry Limit - 2 times a day
FP Required - 10
Solo-able - Yes, Not Recommended


Now before we begin, you need to do just two simple things before you go raiding away and farming those precious blue prints and unique craft materials. Obviously you need to be level 55. This unlocks a sub quest located at Rocco town, which in turn unlocks the raid portals. The sub quest only requires you to run Last Carnival once, then Junk Hive once. It will reward you with a raid ticket that allows you to reset entries. Pretty neat, huh? Bandit Highway's sub-quest is at Grace City, which requires you to clear the raid once and will also reward you with a reset ticket. The same goes with Iron Castle's sub-quest at Ruin Fortress.

As for gears, well.. ever since the raids were re-vamped, clearing this takes a lot more time and effort. Mobs and bosses had their HP's and attack power raised dramatically. With that being said, you need decent to pro-tier equipment if you plan to finish this without too much trouble. Try to get your attack around the 3k range and your crit damage around 7k.
The Raid - Last Carnival

Now this raid is easy overall, given that you don't suck at dodging traps. Knowing the whole "carnival" theme, this place will be loaded with odd challenges.

Area 1 - 2
The first and second areas are your typical "kill everyone" phases. So.. kill everyone. To save time, it's recommended that you lure the entire map's mobs into a corner to clear the area faster.
[Image: R6Qd0by.jpg]

Area 3
At the center of a 4-way intersection is a Red Crystal that will unlock the next area once destroyed. Now this thing is invulnerable and will stay like that until you destroy 3 Blue Crystals located on the other ends of each street. Split into teams to clear this area faster if each of you has high DPS, otherwise break them together in a clockwise pattern. There will be a mini-boss for each crystal, but they're not really a threat. The North crystal spawns more mini-bosses than the other two.
[Image: MCBmzJu.jpg]

Area 4 - Door # 1
Now you'll end up in this lobby with 5 doors in it. Don't worry, only one door will be accessible at a time so no issues about deciding where to go. On the first door, you'll fight Edgar. He has relatively low HP so it shouldn't be a problem wiping him out. Although he does recover his HP to max if he isn't killed fast enough. Sometimes he dies in 1 skill spam, sometimes twice. Either way, it's an easy door. Oh, and he summons mobs that get stronger as time passes.
[Image: NJfnldY.jpg][Image: cO64yY7.jpg]

Area 5 - Door #2
The next door is a timed area wherein you need to clear the mobs before the clock reaches 0. Otherwise, large bombs will start rolling towards you and eat a large chunk of your HP. This can potentially kill you. Each mob clear will extend your time depending on how much was left. Note that summoning Asphalt Golem here will be very useful for luring enemies to the center since all of them will be coming out of doors that are far apart from each other.
[Image: cn4xf3I.jpg]
[Image: MovgEiB.jpg]

Area 6 - Door #3
Imagine standing on a grill. Yep, no one in their right mind will be standing on a flaming-hot grill. Well, apparently you guys are. This area is a "kill-all" phase but with a minor twist. The floor will ignite in a pattern every now and then, and if you're not looking, you could burn to death. There will be a warning as to which tile will light up, giving you enough time to get out of it. When the floor starts glowing purple, you have around 2 seconds to leave the area before you get hurt. A mini-boss will spawn in intervals at the center, which also signifies when the floor pattern will change. Note that the spawns can overlap if you don't kill them fast enough.
[Image: BIvPRH2.jpg]
[Image: ZLSxoEa.jpg]

Area 7 - Door #4
Remember your training? I'm sure you've forgotten about the "shift-dodge" part already. Well, this area needs you to go from point A to point B.. while dodging fiery walls of death. All you need to do is hit the shift key at the right moment and you should be fine. There are 3 stages, in which 1 and 2 are linear. Stage 3 on the other hand requires team coordination. This area cannot be "shift-dodged" since you need to jump over the fire trap, which is impossible to do without getting hurt. Now take note that this room will not ignite until someone goes near the entrance. All you and your team needs to do is synchronize your entry so that all of you can clear the room before the fire trap even starts. Anyone left behind will burn. Erwin's speed buff skill works great here, and can act as a "starting gun" for you and your team. At the end of each stage is a chest that gives items and heals just in-case you get hurt.
[Image: 7ZjHqXb.jpg]
[Image: 8VsatCg.jpg]
[Image: xv527kG.jpg]

Area 8 - Door #5
Now it's time to face a familar face at a very familar stage. Madness Puppet Edgar is a carbon copy of the real one with the exception of his cloning skill. He still has the leaping strike which is marked by his signature clown logo. He also occassionally leaves behind small gift boxes that explode on proximity, so watch out for that. When his target is far, he will either throw cards at you or toss his hat like a boomerang. When Edgar's about to die, he will use his final assault skill which will drop 4 balloons around the area and coat the floor in pink goo. It has a very high damage over time so don't step on it. To avoid this, you can either fight Edgar in the center circle or at the edge of the map. Oh and make sure you're not standing on the pink goo when the dungeon clears, or else your character will die while you look at your scores.
[Image: wVpOST2.jpg]

The Raid - Junk Hive

Back to the sewers we go for this raid. This one is rather tricky, needing a lot more team coordination than your usual public party match ups. If you guys memorize your roles then this one should be a breeze.

Area 1
You'll spawn near 5 mechanical devices located at the center of an intersection, a central unit and for charging units. To start, simply activate the central unit. You're going to need to stop waves of mobs from breaking any of the four points before the time runs out. Losing a charging station increases the time it takes for the central unit to do its thing by 50 seconds. Any point that goes on critical condition will emit a loud warning horn followed by a flashing red "( ! )". Once the time runs out, gather at the central device before it detonates, otherwise you're dead. Note that summoning Asphalt Golem here is extremely helpful since a majority of your problems will come from high HP mini-bosses. Do note that it is not required for you to kill off the mobs, you can simply lure them away till your time is up.
[Image: sgFemOb.jpg]
[Image: Q68u3eZ.jpg]
[Image: zFtiGjY.jpg]

Area 2
Not even your +10 unique soul weapon will help you here, nor can you solo this part properly. An extremely high HP Beholder boss will spawn at a panel located in the middle of a 3-way corridor. His HP is so high it will take ages before you can kill him without getting a little help. To defeat this guy, one party member must activate a buff that is located at 3 laboratories at the end of each hall. This buff will grant a major damage multiplier for a brief amount of time. To get this, you must enter the first laboratory on the south hall. Inside is a control panel that grants the buff, but it cannot be activated unless that person clears the area of mobs. Note that once anyone enters the laboratory, the door closes until all enemies are wiped out and the buff is activated. It is important that you inform your party as to when you're going to activate the buff so that they can time their skill burst properly. The runner can then sprint back to the center hall and assist the rest of the party until the buff runs out. The next laboratory is to the north, and finally to the west. Big Puppet can assist your team in speed-clearing this section because of the Skill Release buff.
[Image: bT6Fhyo.jpg]
[Image: 4aq09tR.jpg]
[Image: Rh73Czm.jpg]

Area 3-4
Every raid needs a bit of breathing room, and here's this one's usual "kill everyone" zone. The only thing that could potentially keep you in this spot for too long are the healing cocoons scattered all over the map. Just make your way to the exit of area 3 and kill the mob on that tight hallway. Area 4 has no healers but have these rather annoying, poking tentacles that can easily push you back. Gather everyone to the center of the circular room and kill them all.
[Image: NBPsYYy.jpg]

Area 5
Now it's time to face Violet Murderess. She's just like that old spider boss that kidnapped Catherine a while back, you know, back when she was.. alive? She's relatively simple to beat, with only 3 unique attack patterns to watch out for. First is her cone-shaped web shot which will instantly paralyze you when hit. Her linear charge is easily dodgeable but can reposition her in places you don't want her to be in. And finally, she can burrow herself and make her invulnerable to attacks. While she's down there, she will create a large area of spikes that can knock you down. Now this would have been easy if it weren't for the dozen healing cocoons all over this map. When the fight starts, ignore the boss and systematically clear the area of those healers as soon as possible. When the entire map is clean, that's the time you attack her.
[Image: 8CWsB2A.jpg]
The Raid - Bandit Highway

This place is a boss-fest, where you'll be spamming your final skills and your awakening like there's no tomorrow! You're going to need to stay close to each other and plow your way to more than a dozen mini-bosses and artillery for this raid, and it hurts.. a lot.

Area 1
This place starts with a stone blockade that's can be destroyed before taking you to a fork on the road. Your exit is to the left but it's blocked by an unbreakable concrete wall of debris covered with explosives. Turn right and make your way to the end of the street to find the detonator guarded by a large mob and two Tempests. Simply clear the area before activating the switch and run back to the other side.
[Image: UlrVVbu.jpg]
[Image: 873aUR3.jpg]

Area 2
This place looks like a gladiator arena.. and it feels like it too. A large, circular area with a single mob and two mini-bosses standing idly at the center stands between you and your way out of this place. Kill them and exit, simple right? Wrong. As soon as the 2nd mini-boss feels threatened, a huge wave of reinforcements will starts spawning all over the map, filling the entire area with almost every Rapid Flame Faction boss you've ever met. On top of all that, the wave of mobs will never stop spawning and will eventually overrun you and your party. To stop this massacre from happening, split into teams and locate 3 gates that act as a teleporter for these guys and destroy them. Once all 3 are gone, clean up the left overs and move on.
[Image: YuDGJec.jpg]
[Image: tWIy6Cd.jpg]

Area 3
So, apparently there's a busted up tank blocking your way. How do you get past it? By blowing it up with another tank! Sorry, you can't ride this bad boy. You can only trigger it to fire a single shell at the blockade so you guys can move on to the next area. Don't ask me why the tank's turret controls are outside the vehicle. After clearing the blockade a mini-boss will appear in the middle, so take care of it before exiting.
[Image: sGpuUQP.jpg]
[Image: yGs0mjM.jpg]

Area 4
Now a bunch of steel containers are blocking the path this time. Lucky for you there's a crane in the middle of the map that can lift those things out of your way. Get rid of the mobs first then flip the switch. Take note that on the other side of this area are 3 Tempests who will automatically shoot at anyone who tries to activate the crane. You can either dodge the shot, activate it fast before you get hit, or summon Asphalt Golem to draw the aggro away from you. There are only two steel containers blocking you so it should be simple to do. Careful though, two of the mini-bosses here are massive area-of-effect hitters.
[Image: 8jdJx5C.jpg]
[Image: ZMGIRYg.jpg]

Area 5
I have no idea where these guys get all these steel containers, but apparently they have enough to keep ruining your day. You need to cross the bridge to exit this place, but the Rapid Flame guys will drop cargo at you while peppering the entire area with artillery fire. Simply time your shift-dodge while attacking the steel containers to move on. There will be a total of 4 sets of blockades dropped in front of you.
[Image: RibOgc1.jpg]

Area 6
This area has several barrels of explosives placed at the center. What's it used for? I have no idea, but it will be useful against the mini-boss for this map. 2 switches are required to be activated for the bombs to detonate. Simply clear the mobs guarding it and flip 1 of the switches. When all the mobs are gone, a large mini-boss will land dead-center of the area, in between all the explosives. Have someone in your party distract that boss while someone else flip the last switch. When the last detonator is triggered, everyone should run as far away from the center as possible and wait for the explosion. This will eat a chunk of HP from the boss, and from you should you fail to leave.
[Image: r1ue7Mh.jpg]
[Image: dnGUHiS.jpg]

Area 7
The first obstacle in this area is a stone blockade with C4 plastered on it. Flip the switch and step back a bit, the explosion hurts. After that, a mysterious wall prevents any further progress from here. To get across, you need to detonate an EMP device to break the barrier. The trigger requires you to charge it 4 times until it detonates. 2 Tempests will keep firing at you from the other side while a mob distracts you from the switch. Once the EMP explodes, the Tempests on the other side dies and the wall disappears. There's a second wall and another EMP device for you to activate but this time, all you need to do is to hold out for 30 secs while the device charges itself. After you flip that switch, the second set of Tempests die from the EMP blast and all you need to do is clean up the map. Take note that the EMP blast will kill all enemies within range, so if you don't feel like fighting the mobs and the mini-boss, simply lure them to the barrier before pressing the EMP switch.
[Image: LpLhKRO.jpg]
[Image: BQvylYS.jpg]
[Image: rlOq67Q.jpg]
[Image: B1ofi12.jpg]

Area 8
You have to admit, this guy is one of the coolest, human-sized bosses you'll ever face. This dual-wielding ninja from hell has a wide array of attacks, ranging from vacuums to teleporting strikes. When he stabs his weapon on the ground, blades will rupture forth in an area around him. When he sticks both ends of his swords together, he will create a space that pulls you in towards him before he slashes you in a series of painful combos. He can also create illusions of himself, up to two other shadows with lesser health. When he disappears, he will most likely try to teleport behind the farthest player on the map to strike. To up the difficulty levels a bit, the entire area will occasionally be bombarded by off-map Tempests. In certain intervals, multiple Tempests will spawn in a circle and blast the center in unison, which can potentially kill you. There are two ways to survive this attack, one would be to activate a barrier switch and have the entire party stand in it, or two, simply move outside the central circle. Luring Phantom Shadow at the edges of the map is the easiest way to take him down without worrying about getting hit by Tempests.
[Image: Uti2U9j.jpg]

The Raid - Iron Castle

A fitting name for a large factory filled with rejected robots from Real Steel all the way to the tentacle death machines from The Matrix. And what do we hate more than robots? That's right, getting shocked over and over. Well, you better get used to it, because this place takes a long time to clear.

Area 1
The entrance to the building is blocked by 4 large gates. Lucky for you, there happens to be a Land Bison stationed in front. It's basically a large drill on tank tracks, so don't expect it to move fast. Activate the machine and let it do it's job. Once it breaks through the first gate, start escorting that machine to the next gate, keeping off the mobs as you go. Each area will have it's own set of mini-bosses scattered around so try to group them all before bursting. At the last gate, the Land Bison will overheat but don't fret, for there's a switch on the left side of the gate that allows you to blow it up instead. You'll then end up in an intersection with several dog-looking mini-bosses spawning all over. On top of that, the center area will start being electrocuted simply to spite you and your team. Just make your way to the exit first then fight the mechanical canines there.

[Image: FHX76Xm.jpg]
[Image: JH6EHCw.jpg]

Area 2
Another obligatory elevator fight scene. When you and your party enters the lift, activate it by pressing the first button. Obviously you're not gonna get a peaceful trip down. Mobs will flood the elevator and stop it from moving, so you're going to need to clear the area first before trying the switches again. You'll be doing this for a total of 3 times before finally reaching your destination.

[Image: Gl4bzHo.jpg]
[Image: lHvzKP6.jpg]

Area 3
So you plan to mess up the entire factory, and what better way to do that than to destroy the structure's main core? Of course the device is protected by automated defenses and mini-bosses, but nothing a little bit of brain work can't handle. The most efficient way to tackle this is by luring the two large robotic scorpions away from the Main Core and fighting them on the sides so that the automated defenses won't hit you. Careful not to cast skills or AR draw cards when they fire those polarity fields on the floor. Once the two are gone, pierce through the defenses by breaking 1 or 2 before focusing your attack on the Main Core. Do note that the Main Core can attack you as well using a suction field before knocking you off your feet.

[Image: as5UMlC.jpg]
[Image: Odpl6Wv.jpg]
[Image: 7wAnQtd.jpg]

Area 4
Now this is one enormous room filled with all the things you hate about Ruin Fortress instances like laser traps, electric fields, and most of all, that annoying tentacle mini-boss who keeps moving around as if it was paranoid. Unfortunately, you need to do something in this area before moving up to fight the raid boss. A control panel is located at the North West corner of the room that seems to be a power source. Touching this, however, will cause an intruder defense system to kick in. No surprise there. The area will self destruct in 10 minutes unless you can cut off the power to the room by blowing up the center core. You're going to need to keep moving around since the entire place is blasting with lasers and electric beams that will either push you so far away or shock you in place. To make things worse, two mini-bosses will spawn to push you away from the core. If you and your party fails to clear this within the time give, it's an automatic game over. The best way to do this is to have 3 of the best DPS players focus on the core while the 4th man lures the two robots at a corner until the party is finished. That will minimize the distractions and clear the area much faster.

[Image: kDnbIvJ.jpg]
[Image: a2KhCbx.jpg]
[Image: nLAYcxK.jpg]

Area 5
It's time to fight this glorified, strafing, rocket-spamming, shock-poking hunk of metal into submission, and it appears he's brought two of his friends with him. Individually, none of them are an immediate threat to your team. Together though, their paralyzing, slowing and burning combos are quite dangerous. What you should really be worried about is the fact that this boss controls an off-map laser cannon that blasts the entire area, causing a large and painful ring of fire. This will tear through your HP extremely fast so you should know how to counter this endless bombardment. There are 4 ways to dodge death here, the first being a switch located at the West and East side of the map which will be randomly accessible during the firing phase. This will create a small barrier for anyone who's standing beside it. Method 2 is by spamming your shift-dodge during the blasting animation. Careful not to overspend your stamina here. The 3rd one is more of a skill abuse. Simply use your level 42 skill during the blast since you'll be put in an invulnerable state. And finally, probably the easiest solution of them all, is to stand at a small spot that doesn't overlap with the laser's blast radius.

[Image: cyzpZNN.jpg]
[Image: l5aGnDX.jpg]
[Image: XD4EnYN.jpg]
[Image: tw3Kg0X.jpg]
[Image: VWNCXhL.jpg]
I better be on that Ruin Fortress Raid Update!~ Cool
Added Iron Castle Raid
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