・ Synopsis
     ・ What is Lunar Fall?
     ・ New Equipment
◆ ◆ SYNOPSIS ◆ ◆

   BOSS: ジャンククイーン / Junk Queen (formerly, ルナ・ノックス / Luna Nox)

   【A Loving Queen, A Jester’s Unwavering Loyalty】
[Image: bg_raid_story1.png]
The moment the Knight first saw his Queen’s visage, he had a happy dream.
In his point of view, her stiff expression likens to a flower that has yet to bloom,
yet he felt her beauty resembles that of a flower that has already fully bloomed in all its splendor.
Seeing her, the Knight wanted to see her smile.
It is for that reason, the Knight threw away his honor, and plays the Fool just to make her smile.
But, when he met her again, she became the Queen of Monsters.
She gave birth to many monsters and absorbed more but, she was still not satisfied nor content.
The Knight-turned-Jester decided to take her to an even wider world.
Showing to everyone her queen-turned-Souljunk and her people,
and wishing for the time where the whole world prostrates itself before her.
[Image: bg_raid_story2.png]
The Queen stayed next to her kin, loving these Souljunk monsters like her own children.
There is no longer any need to keep the royal family’s duty, the Vessi’s honor, nor one's dignity.
What remains is a Queen that loves her own children, raises them, and creates a huge paradise where they can live.
The Queen will not stop until she dyes the blue sky, same as that detestable traitor, red like her eyes.
This is the battlefield where she and her family will first set foot to.
The Soulworkers and humanity are simply the perfect fodder for her.
The Queen wanting for her children to eat their fill, with the Jester simply watching for her Queen’s smile.
Happily dancing to the screams of the helpless people.
   【Promotional Video】

   【Walkthrough (Credits to Zero)】
[Image: Sample_1.png] [Image: Sample_2.png] [Image: Sample_3.png]
   ・ Name: Lunar Fall (ルナ・フォール)
   ・ Location: The portal is located in Dipluce Horizon
   ・ Requirements:
      :: You can enter the raid after completing the main quest 「War-torn Era (戦乱の時代)」
   ・ Entrance Conditions:
      :: Can enter 3 times a day and consumes 20 FP per run
      :: Lv 68 and above
      :: At least 4 players can enter (a full 8-man force is recommended)
      :: You cannot use Draw (Active) A.R Cards; only Hold (Passive) A.R Cards
   ・ Others
      :: Players can revive themselves only up to 5 times (using Exigent Call)
      :: You can obtain the new legend-grade equipment at a very low chance when running the raid
      :: The crafting material for the 「Twilight」 Equipment can be obtained can be obtained by disassembling the 「Twilight」 Equipment or through the repeat quest.
[Image: img_raid_equip.png]
[Image: List_-_Soul_Weapon.png]
[Image: List_-_Gears.png]
[Image: List_-_Accessories.png]
[Image: dddfdfd4154fds.gif]

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