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[Image: Boss_RaphaKumba.png]
     BOSS: ラパクンバ / RaphaKumba
     【A Souljunk with Intelligence, an Awakened Humanoid】
          After the incident that took place in Dipluce Horizon, there has been a rumor discreetly circulatingat the military base
          about 「Souljunks possessing intelligence are increasing in numbers, and are going to attack and destroy the base」.
          Upon hearing that, Aaron and Brock, together with the Soulworkers, set out to investigate the matter to prevent further anxiety from the soldiers.
          In the process, they realized that the reason for the abnormal growth and battle prowess of the huge Souljunk is because it possesses intelligence ・・
          The Soulworkers are then given the task to subjugate the Souljunk 「RaphaKumba (ラパクンバ)」 which possesses intelligence.
          ※ In JP texts, it was stated RaphaKumba possess two things:
                    :: 知能 – ability for problem solving (mental ability, if you will)
                    :: 知性 – ability for rational thought (which relates to the human mind)
             Just a personal take, translation might be different for others.

[Image: img_ss1.jpg] [Image: img_ss2.jpg] [Image: img_ss3.jpg]
     【Maze Information】
          ・ Name: Hidden Hideout (ヒドゥン・ハイドアウト)
          ・ Location: The portal is located in Dipluce Horizon
          ・ Requirements:
                    :: To enter, you need to clear the main quest 「The first hurdle (最初の難関)」 first.
                    :: You will need the admission ticket 「Stone of Faith ([遂行証]信仰の石)」, which can be purchased in the S Coin Shop up to 5 times daily.
          ・ Entrance Conditions:
                    :: Can enter 5 times a day and consumes 20 FP per run
                    :: Lv 65 and above
                    :: At least 1 player can enter (A full 4-man party is recommended)
                    :: You cannot use Draw (Active) AR Cards, only Hold (Passive) AR Cards
          ・ Others:
                    :: There are no monsters, boss battle will immediately start upon entry!
                    :: Each character can only revive up to 3 times (using Exigent Call).
                    :: You can obtain the new legend-grade equipment at a very low chance when running the raid.
                    :: Disassembling 「Primacy」 equipment gives you the crafting material 「Mark of the Black Arts (呪術の傷痕)」,which can be used to craft 「Primacy」 equipment from NPC Zenith.


     After the October 10, 2019 (Thursday) maintenace, new craftable items were added to the
     game which uses the materials obtained in this raid as the crafting material.

     These craftable items are upgraded 「Gear Familiars (ギアファミリア)」, familiars which give higher stats compared to those crafted in Altar of Void.
     They can be crafted from NPC 「Maxim」 in Dipluce Horizon.

     [Image: 3-2_Crafting_Window_Gear_Familiars.jpg]

     Each Gear Familiars has the following characteristics:

          ■ Holy Shield of Protection [Type A] (守護の聖盾[Aタイプ]) ※ Gear Familiar
               ・ Max HP [1200~3000]
               ・ Defense [240~960]
               ・ Damage Reduction: General [3~4%]
               ・ Damage Reduction: Boss/Named [3~4%]
               ・ Max Stamina [7~11]
               ・ Soul Vapor Gain [2~8%]

          ■ Holy Shield of Boundary [Type B] (境界の聖盾[Bタイプ]) ※ Gear Familiar
               ・ Accuracy [48~108]
               ・ Attack [250~400]
               ・ Super Armor Break [4~7%]
               ・ Additional Damage: General [3~5%]
               ・ Additional Damage: Boss/Named [3~5%]
               ・ Penetration [1~2%]

          ■ Holy Shield of Manipulation [Type C] (暗躍の聖盾[Cタイプ]) ※ Gear Familiar
               ・ Critical [1~2%]
               ・ Critical Damage [300~450]
               ・ Critical Resistance [2~8%]
               ・ Evasion [24~59]
               ・ EXP Gain [2~8%]
               ・ Zenny Gain [2~8%]

          ■ Thirst for the Unknown (未知への渇望) ※ Familiar
               ・ Attack [100~800]

     ※ Legend-grade Familiars cannot be extracted.
     ※ You can overwrite Legend-grade Familiars.

          ※ Sorry but, I won’t do a guide from scratch.
          ※ Info from this section is provided by our Korean player overlords. Credits go to them.

     【Prohibited Skills】
[Image: Prohibited_Skills.png]

     【Zero’s YouTube Video】

          Video Ref:
          KR Guide:
[Image: img_weapon2.png]
[Image: img_weapon1.png]
[Image: Primacy_Gear_General.jpg]
[Image: Primacy_Gear_Extended.jpg]

[Image: Primacy_Accessories.jpg]

[Image: Primacy_Series_v3.png]


◆ ◆ UPDATES ◆ ◆
     ・ [10/11/19] Added Gear Familiar Section

[Image: dddfdfd4154fds.gif]

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