General SW-JP Dystopia Raid [Altar of Void] (Updated 10/11/19)
     ・ Synopsis
     ・ About 「Altar of Void」
     ・ Gear Familiar
     ・ Gameplay Guide
     ・ New Equipment
               - Unique (Void Series)
               - Legend (Disorders Series)
◆ ◆ SYNOPSIS ◆ ◆
     [Image: 1_-_YorhaKha.png]
          In the deepest part of the void, in a place where no one has ever set foot into, ”That” has been sleeping.
          There lies 「YorhaKha」, a huge mass of Desire sealed away in an ominous altar.
          It is an existence that infinitely feeds off of Desire Energy which is the Veshi’s source of power,
          an existence that plays around the Veshis which became mere empty shells of its former self, like a toy.
          To the Veshis, it is an existence that they also call. . . a calamity.
          In order to repel the imminent threat against humanity, our Soulworkers decided to obtain this new-found power
          that even overwhelms the power of the entire Veshi. And thus, released the seal of the Void Monster 「YorhaKha」.


     Raid PV:
          「Altar of Void」 is a Raid that you can enter at Level 60 by progressing in the unique quest that can be received
          from NPC 「Tenebris」 in Grasscover Camp after completing the Main Quest 「The despair of those left behind (残された者たちの絶望)」.

          It can be cleared by defeating monsters that spawn one after the other, then subjugate the objective 「YorhaKha」.
           The entrance for this Raid is located in Grasscover Camp, and you can choose from 2 difficulty levels when entering.
          ・ You need to complete the preceding Story Quest before obtaining the quest line to access the Raid.
          ・ There will only be Very Hard and Expert difficulties.
          ・ Enemy stats will remain the same regardless of the number of players in the party.

     【Maze Information】
          ・ Name: Altar of Void (アルター・オブ・ヴォイド)
          ・ Location: The portal is located in Grasscover Camp
          ・ Requirements:
                    :: Your character should be Level 60.
                    :: You need to clear the main quest 「The despair of those left behind (残された者たちの絶望)」.
          ・ Entrance Conditions:
                    :: At least 1 player can enter (A full 4-man party is recommended)
                    :: You cannot use Draw (Active) AR Cards, only Hold (Passive) AR Cards
                    :: Two types of difficulty: Very Hard and Expert
                         - Very Hard difficulty consumes 20 FP
                         - Expert difficulty consumes 30 FP
          ・ Others:
                    :: You can obtain crafting materials for the Unique Equipment 「Void Series」 in Very Hard difficulty.
                    :: You can obtain crafting materials for the Legend Equipment 「Disorders Series」 in Expert difficulty.
                    :: The blueprints required to craft the above-mentioned equipment can be purchased from NPC 「Zaito」.
                    :: There's a small chance you can obtain Accessories for either series upon defeating 「YorhaKha」.
          [Image: 2_-_Raid_Samples.png]

          After the September 27, 2018 (Thursday) maintenace, new craftable items were added to the
          game which uses the materials obtained in this raid as the crafting material.

          These craftable items are 「Gear Familiars (ギアファミリア)」.
          They can be crafted from NPC 「Maxim」 in Grasscover Camp.

          [Image: 2-1_Gear_Familiar_Example.png]

          Each Gear Familiars has the following characteristics:

               ■ Holy Shield of Purification [Type A] (浄化の聖盾[Aタイプ])
                    ・ Damage Reduction: Primal Forces [??]
                    ・ Damage Reduction: Golden Citadel Forces [3~8%]
                    ・ Defense-related Status
                         :: Max HP [1000~2500]
                         :: Defense [200~800]
                         :: Damage Reduction: General [2~4%]
                         :: Damage Reduction: Boss/Named [2~4%]
                         :: Damage Reduction [??]
                         :: Max Stamina [5~10]
                         :: Soul Vapor Gain [2~8%]
                         :: Critical Resistance [2~8%]

               ■ Holy Shield of Negation [Type B] (相殺の聖盾[Bタイプ])
                    ・ [Fierce Attack] Neutralize [400~1000]
                    ・ Damage Reduction: PvP [2~10%]
                    ・ Attack-related Status
                         :: Accuracy [40~90]
                         :: Attack [60~120]
                         :: Super Armor Break [2~4%]
                         :: Critical Damage [100~250]
                         :: Additional Damage: General [2~4%]
                         :: Additional Damage: Boss/Named [2~4%]
                         :: Penetration [1~2%]

          ※ Legend-grade Familiars cannot be extracted.
          ※ You can overwrite Legend-grade Familiars.

     ※ Sorry but, I won’t do a guide from scratch. Credits go to the owner of the video.

          You can obtain rewards corresponding to the difficulty level by clearing 「Altar of Void」.
          In Very Hard mode, you can obtain 「Void Remnant」 which is required to craft the new Unique equipment.
          Whereas in Expert mode, you can obtain 「Void Fragment」 which is required to craft the new Legend equipment.
          Also, you can purchase the blueprints required to craft the said equipment from NPC Zaito.
          ▼ Unique (Void Series)

               [Image: 3-1-1_Void_Series.png]

               [Image: 3-1-2_Void_Series_Chii.png]

          ▼ Legend (Disorders Series)

               [Image: 3-2-1_Disorder_Series.png]

               [Image: 3-2-2_Disorders_Series_Chii.png]


◆ ◆ UPDATES ◆ ◆
     ・ [09/20/19] Added Chii's equipment in the Void and Disorder sets.
     ・ [10/11/19] Added Gear Familiar Section, and Gameplay Guide

[Image: dddfdfd4154fds.gif]

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