General SW-JP Operation: Dimension Shutter Game Mechanics
     ・ 「Operation: Dimension Shutter」 is. . .?
     ・ Play Guide
               - Participation Method
               - Play Method
     ・ Ranking Rewards
               - 「Dimension Shutter」 Rewards
     ・ Others
               - PvP Equipment
          「Operation: Dimension Shutter」 is a PvP Content where you fight against fellow Soulworkers and compete on the number of points earned. It is held on a daily basis at 「18:00」, 「20:00」, and 「22:00」 JST, and you can apply to participate 5 minutes prior; if there are 4 or more applicants who wish to participate once the 10 minutes application period ends, 4~8 players will then be randomly matched.
          8 players can obtain dimension points by defeating monsters and other players respectively, and points can be obtained only when you have deposited the points you possess to the Object.
          After the end of the game, the ranking will be based according to the 「points deposited to the Object」, and you can obtain rewards that corresponds to your ranking.
          ※ You won’t be able to obtain rewards if the points you deposited was 0; i.e. you were not able to deposit any points.
◆ ◆ PLAY GUIDE ◆ ◆
     ▼ Participation Method
               By clicking the Battle Arena 「バトルアリーナ」 icon, it will open a window for PvP-use.

               [Image: 1-1_Play_Guide.jpg]
               The application button will activate once you can apply to participate, and it should be done in a city. You can apply for 10 minutes from the start of the application period. When you have applied to participate, although you won’t be able to move from the city, you can still re-apply even if you have cancelled your application during the application period.

               [Image: 1-2_Play_Guide.png]
     ▼ Play Method
          【Applying for Participation】
               If you have applied to participate by the time Dimension Shutter starts, you will be transferred to an exclusive map and the (PvP) content will then start automatically. Only 1 character from the players’ names is displayed except yours while the (PvP) content is in progress.
               In the (PvP) content, the yellow digits constantly displayed on the upper part of the screen center is the time limit, and the accumulated points of all participating characters. Dimension Shutter will end once the 10 minutes time limit ends, or the accumulated points exceed 2,000 points.

               [Image: 1-3_Play_Guide.png]
          【Ways to Win】
               The outcome of Dimension Shutter is based on the 「obtained Dimension Points at the end (of the game)」. 「Dimension Points (Points, as follows)」 are dropped by defeating monsters or other players, and can be 「obtained」 by touching the dropped icons. The displayed icon and number written right above the characters’ names refer to the points they currently 「possess」. All those points will be dropped immediately when the character is defeated. A fixed amount of points will still drop even if the defeated character does not possess any.
               You cannot obtain points just by 「possessing」 them. In order to 「obtain」 points, it is necessary that you deposit those points to the 「Interactive Object」. The 「Interactive Object」 only exists in a junction after progressing to the map. You can 「obtain」 points after accessing the 「Interactive Object」 and 5 seconds have elapsed. When you deposit the points you possess, you will 「obtain」 points which will then be displayed to the rankings in real-time.
               ■ Before using the 「Interactive Object」

                    [Image: 1-4_Play_Guide.png]
               ■ After using the 「Interactive Object」

                    [Image: 1-5_Play_Guide.png]
     ▼ 「Dimension Shutter」 Rewards
          【Ranking Rewards】
               If you have 「obtained」 even 1 Dimension point in the Dimension Shutter, you can obtain a ranking rewards at the end of the (PvP) content. The ranking rewards are based according to the rankings in the 「RESULT」 screen which will be displayed when Dimension Shutter ends, and will be immediately distributed to the general inventory after the (PvP) content ends. As countermeasure against abusive acts, if the rankings are equal, the least ranking reward within that particular range will be distributed. For example, if there are 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 3rd, and 5th place rankings, each 3rd placers can obtain a reward similar to that of a 4th placer.
               If there’s no more space in your general inventory, the ranking rewards will be distributed to 「HEMS (Mail)」, but it is necessary that you receive the rewards in 「HEMS (Mail)」 within 30 days.
               ■ RESULT Screen

                    [Image: 2-1_Ranking_Rewards.png]
          【Monthly Ranking Rewards】
               There is a monthly ranking for Dimension Shutter which can be checked from the 「Ranking Information」 aside from the rankings released at the end of the (PvP) content. In the monthly ranking, the points are accumulated differently according to the rankings at the end of the (PvP) content, and the rankings are based according to the number of points. If the obtained points are equal, the character who has participated less will take precedence.
               The monthly ranking will be reset at 9:00 JST on the first of every month, and you can obtain items depending on the character’s ranking upon reset. You can check the characters’ information from 1st to 100th place from the 「Ranking Information」.
               ※ Even if the Configuration’s Disclosure of Information is set to 「Reject All」, please note that the character information can be checked by other users if it is in the rankings.
               ■ Ranking Information

                    [Image: 2-2_Ranking_Rewards.png]
◆ ◆ OTHERS ◆ ◆
     ▼ PvP Equipment
               PvP equipment is a special equipment with favorable options when fighting with players in Dimension Shutter. PvP equipment cannot be obtained through drop, but only by collecting the materials and craft the item, or through equipment rental.
          【Crafting of PvP Equipment】
               PvP equipment can be crafted using the equipment blueprint purchased in the 「BP Shop」 available from 「Booker TV」 in District 6, and 「Xenostone」 obtained as a reward in Dimension Shutter.
               In crafting PvP equipment, fixed options favorable in battle between players are applied; and in addition, even with the same equipment, the abilities would still differ because of the random option and the equipment’s grade. Similar to normal equipment, you can change the options using Energy Converter, enhance, and refine grade.
          【Rental of PvP Equipment】
               You can purchase 「[Periodic] Rental Series」 once a day from NPC 「Zaito」 found in each city. The 3-days use period will start upon wearing the 「[Periodic] Rental Series」 equipment, and will be deleted afterwards.
               There are many limitations of the rental equipment, such as 「cannot be enhanced」, 「cannot refine grade」, 「no additional options」, etc.
          【PvP-exclusive Options】
               Some special options can be applied to the PvP equipment. The following options are only effective in PvP.
               Additional Damage to Enemies: PvP [%] – Damage dealt to enemy characters increases.
               Damage Reduction: PvP [%] – Damage received from enemy characters decreases.
               [Fierce Attack] Damage – Damage dealt to enemy characters increases by a numerical value.
               [Fierce Attack] Offset – Damage received from enemy characters decreases by a numerical value.
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