・ What is Ranking System?
     ・ Ranking Content List
     ・ Ranking Description
     ・ Ranking Rewards
     [Image: 2-1_Banner_Ranking_System.jpg]

     ▼ What is Ranking System?
          ・ A system where you obtain points in Time Attacks and Total Clear Counts from different contents, and compete in an in-game ranking.
          ・ You can check it by clicking 「Ranking Info (ランキング情報)」 icon located at the bottom-right area of the game screen.
          ・ If you want to participate in the ranking system, it is necessary to register your character in the character selection screen.
          [Image: 1.png]
     ▼ Ranking Content List
          [Image: 2.png]
          ※ Challenge Rights items can be purchased from NPC Glutton in Golden Citadel, Grasscover Camp, and Dipluce Horizon.
          ※ The Ranking Content List may be updated depending on game updates; i.e. Lunar Fall, etc.

     ▼ Ranking Description
          [Image: 3.png]
          ① Dungeon List
          ② Current Rankings, Previous Rankings, Rewards Tabs
          ③ Overall Ranking
          ④ Your Character’s Record and Ranking
          ⑤ Receive Rewards Button
          ・ The rankings are measured in seconds, and if the records are the same, it will have the same rank.
          ・ The aggregation of the rankings are measured every week, ending every Monday at 00:00 JST
               and will not be reflected in the rankings until 02:00 JST.
     ▼ Ranking Rewards
          ・ The aggregation will be reflected after 02:00 JST, after which you may then be able to receive the ranking rewards.
          ・ From among the ranking rewards, the 「Testament of Dark Night」, 「Testament of the Sky」 and 「Testament of Fire」
               costumes will be automatically deleted at the next aggregation.
          [Image: 4_A.png] [Image: 4_B.png]
          ※ Each dungeon gives points according to the rank, and the sum of these points is shown in 「Total Points Ranking (ポイント合計ランキング)」.
          ※ The overall ranking is measured according to the 「Total Points Ranking」, as well as the rewards you obtain.

[Image: dddfdfd4154fds.gif]

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