・ Option Tuning
     ・ Grade Tuning

     ※ As a side note, I inter-change the terms “tune” and “refine” throughout this article but, they essentially convey the same thing.
     【What is Option Tuning?】
          ・ By using 「Energy Converter (エナジーコンバーター)」, you can grant random options to your equipment.
               ※ 「Energy Converter (エナジーコンバーター)」 can be obtained through crafting, as an event reward, or can be purchased in the BP Shop.
               ※ This can be done by pressing the 2nd option 「Option Tuning Feature (オプション精錬機能)」 from NPC Trisha.

          [Image: 1-1_A.png] [Image: 1-1_B.png]
     【Option Tuning】
          [Image: 1-2.png]
          ・ You can use the 「Energy Converter (エナジーコンバーター)」 from the 「Option Tuning (オプション精錬)」 Tab
               to change the options granted to your equipment.
          ・ Select the equipment and click the 「Tune / Refine (精錬)」 button to randomly change all of its options.
          [Image: 1-3.png]
          ・ Upon tuning, two sets of options will be displayed: 「Restore Options (復元オプション)」 and 「Changed Options (変更されたオプション)」.

          ・ If you don’t want the result of the tuning and wish to restore the original options, you may do so in exchange for BP.
               ※ Required BP depends on the equipment’s grade and level.
          [Image: 1-4_A.png] [Image: 1-4_B.png]
          ・ Also, if you only want to tune a select few options, select the options you don’t want to change (to lock them)
               under the 「Changeable Options (変更可能オプション)」 list, then click the 「Tune / Refine (精錬)」 button to
               randomly change all options EXCEPT for those you have locked.

          ・ Please note that locking options will require additional Energy Converters prior tuning:
               :: Locked 1 Option – Requires 2 Energy Converters
               :: Locked 2 Options – Requires 4 Energy Converters
          [Image: 1-5.png]
          ・ Clicking the 「Option Info (オプション情報)」 button will display a pop-up window for all options that can be granted to the equipment.
     【Selective Tuning】
          [Image: 1-6_A.png] [Image: 1-6_B.png]
          ・ 「Selective Tuning (選択精錬)」 is a feature where you can change the existing option’s value without changing the actual type of option.
          ・ You can earn 5Selective Tuning Points (選択精錬ポイント)」 (ST Points, for short) for every Energy Converter used.
          ・ Once you have reached 100 ST Points:
               :: Click the 「Selective Tuning (選択精錬)」 button.
               :: Select the option you want to tune / refine, then proceed tuning.
               ※ You can only use 「Selective Tuning (選択精錬)」 once you reach 100 ST Points.
               ※ Note that any excess points will be discarded.
               ※ Only the non-maxed options can be selected.

     【What is Grade Tuning?】
          ・ Equipment have a 「Grade」 status.
          ・ There are 5 grades, from Lowest to Highest grade, which are randomly granted to an equipment.
               ※ This can be done by pressing the 2nd option 「Option Tuning Feature (オプション精錬機能)」 from NPC Trisha.
          [Image: 2-1.png]

          [Image: 2-2_A.png] [Image: 2-2_B.png]
     【Grade Tuning】
          [Image: 2-3.png]
          ・ Select the equipment you wish to refine under the 「Grade Tuning (等級精錬)」 Tab and click the 「Tune / Refine (精錬)」 button.
               ※ Grade Tuning requires 「Zenny」, 「BP」, and 「Tuning Stones (精錬石)」
               ※ 「Tuning Stones (精錬石)」 may be obtained by dismantling equipment.
               ※ Depending on the result, the grade may increase or decrease from the existing grade.

          ■ Tuning Stones
               ・ There are 4 types of Tuning Stones:
                    :: 「Tuning Stone」 - 0~100%
                    :: 「Enhanced Tuning Stone」 - 41~100%
                    :: 「Specialized Tuning Stone」 - 61~100%
                    :: 「Transcendent Tuning Stone」 - 81~100%
          ■ Obtaining Tuning Stones through Dismantling Equipment
               ・ Tuning Stones may be obtained by dismantling Rare-grade or higher equipment
                    :: Rare-grade Equipment: 「Tuning Stone」
                    :: Unique-grade Equipment: 「Tuning Stone」 or 「Enhanced Tuning Stone」
                    :: Legend-grade Equipment: 「Enhanced Tuning Stone」 or 「Specialized Tuning Stone」
                    :: Hero-grade Equipment: 「Specialized Tuning Stone」 or 「Transcended Tuning Stone」
          [Image: 2-4.png]
          ・ The decrease in grade value can be prevented by using the 「Downgrade Protection Device (格下げ保護装置)」.
               ※ The 「Downgrade Protection Device (格下げ保護装置)」 can be purchased from NPC Glutton.
     【Precise Tuning】
          [Image: 2-5_A.png] [Image: 2-5_B.png]
          ・ 「Precise Tuning (精密精錬)」 is a feature where you can change the existing grade of the equipment to the highest grade (100.0%).
          ・ You can earn Points for every Grade Tuning performed.
          ・ Once you have reached the 「Required Points (必要ポイント)」, click the 「Precise Tuning (精密精錬)」 button to proceed tuning.
               ※ The 「Required Points (必要ポイント)」 vary depending on the equipment selected.
               ※ The Points you can obtain from Grade Tuning depends on the equipment selected and the Tuning Stone used.
               ※ The max Points you can accumulate per character is 7,000 points.

[Image: dddfdfd4154fds.gif]

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