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             :: Defense-type
     【What is Tag System?】
          Tag is a refinement system that adds a title to your equipment, with each title giving specific options.
               ・ You can refine Tags from NPC 「Trisha」.
               ・ You can refine Tags by using Zenny, Ether, and Tag Conversion Chips as materials to attach Tags to your equipment. In addition, the chances of a successful refinement increases by using additional Tag Chips as materials during refinement (aside from the main tag you wish to attach to your equipment).
               ・ Tags may be attached to weapons and gears that are obtained in drops and crafting. There are also special Tags that cannot be obtained from Tag Cubes. However, there will be no Tags attached to dropped or crafted Legend equipment such as the Disorder’s series and Devourer’s series, as well as the Void series equipment.
               ・ If Tag refinement failed, the Tag Conversion Chip used for the refinement will remain but, Zenny, Ether, and the Tag Chips used as ingredients to increase the chances of a successful refinement will be lost.
               ・ Equipment that can be refined with Tags are indicated as 「Taggable (タグ精錬可能)」 in its item screen.

          [Image: 1.png]

     【Tag Conversion Chips】
          Tag Conversion Chips consist of Normal, Magic, Rare, Unique, Legend, and Hero Grade. The higher the grade of the Tag Conversion Chip, the stronger the options you can obtain and can greatly increase the chances of a successful refinement when used as material.

          [Image: 2.png]

               ※ There are 2 types of Tag Conversion Chips, namely Attack-types and Defense-types wherein, Attack-types are used to your Soul Weapon and Defense-types are used to your gears.
               ※ The Tag Conversion Chips are 「Bound upon Acquisition」.
               ※ The Tag Cubes where you can obtain Tag Conversion Chips can be obtained from various high-difficulty mazes, and you can also obtain the highest-grade Tag Cubes in Nier Soulworker Warfare.

          ① Register the weapon or gear you wish to attach the Tag to, and register the Tag Conversion Chip you wish to attach.
          ② You can increase the chances of a successful refinement by registering other Tag Conversion Chips as materials.
               [Image: 3.png]
          ③ If Tag Refinement is successful, it will display the name and options of the attached Tag.
          ④ Equipment with a successful Tag Refinement will have the name of the refined Tag attached prior to the equipment’s name, and will also display the Tag description.
               [Image: 4.png]
               ※ You can no longer restore the Tag Conversion Chip to its item state from a tagged equipment.
               ※ If you refine a new Tag to an already tagged equipment, you will lose the applied Tag regardless if the refinement is successful or not. Also, we will not accept item recovery services for the Tag lost during the process.

          ・ Similar to equipment disassembly, Tag Conversion Chips can be disassembled from NPCs with the disassembly feature.
          ・ When disassembling Tag Conversion Chips, you will obtain 「Blue Light Dusts」 and Ether that are used for crafting Tag Conversion Chips.
          ・ The amount of 「Blue Lights Dusts」 obtained will vary depending on the grade of the Tag Conversion Chip being disassembled.
               [Image: 5.png]
          [Image: 6.png]
          ・ You can craft new Tag Conversion Chips by consuming 「Blue Light Dusts」 from NPC Zenith.
          ・ 「Blue Light Dusts」 can be obtained by disassembling Tag Conversion Chips and as drops from mazes.
               [Image: 7.png]
          ・ The amount of 「Blue Light Dusts」 required will vary depending on the Tag Conversion Chip being crafted.
          ・ The Tag Conversion Chips obtained through crafting will randomly give Tags of the same grade.
               [Image: 8.png]


          ※ Please note that content descriptions may change due to unforeseen circumstances.


          [Image: Attack_Tag_Fixed.png]

          [Image: Attack_Tag_Percent.png]

          [Image: Defense_Tag_Fixed.png]

          [Image: Defense_Tag_Percent.png]
[Image: dddfdfd4154fds.gif]

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