General Setting up and using Mudfish: Cost-Efficient VPN
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What is Mudfish?

When using VPNs, it's usually that you use an unstable, unsafe VPN for free, or you pay quite the sum of money to use a reliable, fast VPN.
It's kind of hard to find the midground, but Mudfish, which is a VPN that provides its services for a really cheap price(Up to just a penny a month depending on your traffic!) is perfect for most of your gaming needs.

Also, unlike the free VPNs and some paid VPNs which don't support this service, Mudfish VPN creates another network strictly for your game/website to differentiate into different IP. So basically, when using Mudfish, it will turn VPN on the connection towards Soul Worker itself. Everything else- your Skype, internet browser, downloads- can all be done on your normal network.

It's fast, fairly easy to use, and cheap to boot. It will most likely suit your needs in Soul Worker and any other game should you wish to use it.

Let's get right down to it, shall we?

How is Mudfish different from other VPNs in terms of paying?

Unlike some other paid VPNs which lets you use the service by paying monthly, Mudfish works a little bit differently.

To put it simply, paying certain amount of money will basically give you amount of traffic you can use with the VPN. It's easy to imagine arcade gaming centers, where you've got a selection of gaming machines and you can buy tokens that you can use to play these gaming machines if you aren't that technologically unaware.

Paying $3.00 USD gives you 30 GB of traffic; this is sufficient enough to use for a looong, loong, time. If you are only using it to launch the game, then you can almost use its services indefinitely after paying just $3.00.

Overall, it's a very cheap solution. Unless you are completely blocked from all means of paying money online, it is not a waste to pay at least $3.00 on this thing. I've paid $3.00 and have used it for a year without running out.

Installing Mudfish
First off, get to the website of Mudfish(
[Image: z4iSjkl.png]

You'll see the website is like this. First thing you'll want to do is register an account on the right. I am sure we've all done registering account before, so I won't go any further.

When you have registered your account, click the download page which is next to that home button and download the respective client for your system.

[Image: IhdR29R.png]

Install it in your computer. That easy.

Using Mudfish

Alright. Once you have installed Mudfish, run the client. You'll see a small notice popup on your task bar like this:

[Image: J9GvagD.png]

And as soon as that happens, a dashboard will open on your default browser. It will look similar to the main website, but it's not the same, so don't go on thinking you can access the VPN from the webpage!

When you get in the dashboard, you'll see a lot of things but on the left you'll see this:

[Image: yRd4Gpn.png]

Well, since you don't have any credits, you'll first have to charge up, right? Go click Credit and then Buy.

It will give you a few options to buy credits- I would just start off with $3 at first to see how you like it. When you are done buying credits, you are now ready to buy "items". Go click on that Items tab.

Once you do, it will give you a vast array of games that you can use the program for. Soul Worker is in there somewhere(or any other respective game that you may want to use the VPN on) so go ahead and find that sucker with Ctrl+F. Once you do, click on that item and buy. Go back to your main page. 

It will now show your item on My Items tab- go click on the item and it will show something like this;

[Image: 2ciC5uH.png]

Now, if your selected Mudfish Node here is blank and fails to load, you'll have to set it to be JP(or any other respective country you want it to be for other games). In order to do that, go to the Setup tab and select the node yourself. Any server in JP should be fine for Soul Worker, but any Tokyo seems to be the recommended connection.

Once you are finished with that, go back to the main page. If you haven't already, you should see a loading bar above everything else.

[Image: beIsYU4.png]

Once that bar is 100%, you are ready to just simply load the Soul Worker website and launcher to play the game. It sometimes gets stuck at certain percents, so frequently just refresh the main page by pressing MUDFISH on the top left.

Once that's complete, whenever you go to their website and launching the game, it will automatically establish a JP VPN on those connections only. You are good to go and play! You can even forget about leaving it on once you are done playing.

Keep in mind that the credit you have bought does decrease depending on how much traffic you use in the game- don't worry, it doesn't decrease that fast. But I wouldn't just leave the game running overnight for no apparent reason.


So, that's about it. Simple, right? Although you do have to wait until your wanted game is on the list, it does come on fast enough if the demand is high. You can even ask questions directly to the developer on the bottom right, and he responds quite quickly to technical difficulties too. With this, I hope you'll be able to enjoy Soul Worker, until the day it releases in Global. Have fun!

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