・ Prologue
     ・ Profile
     ・ Skills Overview
     ・ Update Information

[Image: Chii_Aruel_Portrait.jpg]

“She, who was born as a Souljunk and fused with a human,
obtains human emotions and the power of a Soulworker from her aspiration of coexistence with humans."
"The 7th story she unfolds begins now!”
◆ ◆ PROLOGUE ◆ ◆
     【Events that took place within the Void】
[Image: Prologue_1.png]
          A Souljunk, which assimilated with a dead cat, possessed emotions it originally should never have.
          This Souljunk sought for the reason of its existence, aimlessly wandered cities, and met a girl.
          The girl called the cat (Souljunk) she met, Chii.
          She hugged the cat and said, 「Stay with me」.
          The Souljunk who looked like a cat, recognized itself as Chii and felt affection for the first time.

[Image: Prologue_2.png]
          One day, the girl called Aruel was attacked by a Souljunk and lost her life.
          The cat approached the dying girl, grieved her death, and cried.
          If only it was a human, it could save this child. It wants to become human, and save this child.
          The Souljunk Chii who looked like a cat, aspired to save its human, Aruel.
          Thus, Chii became Chii Aruel.
◆ ◆ PROFILE ◆ ◆
     【Chii Aruel (チイ・アルエル)】
          ・ CV: Taketatsu Ayana (竹達彩奈)
          ・ Age:
                  :: 16 years old (Aruel)
                  :: 1 year old (Souljunk Chii)
          ・ Weapons used:
                  :: Katana (Soul Weapon)
                  :: Quasi-Souljunk
          ・ Height: 152cm (≈ 5ft)
          ・ Birthday: March 02
          ・ Likes: Tight spaces
          ・ Dislikes: Canines
     ▼ Active Skills
     [Image: skill01.png]
          ■ Scratch (爪痕)
               ・ Quickly draws the Katana, and cuts the enemies.
               ・ Recover HP by cutting enemies with additional attacks, then absorbing a small amount of vitality within the surroundings at the end.
     [Image: skill02.png]
          ■ Bird Trap (鳥落とし)
               ・ Stabs the Katana to the ground, and suspend enemies in mid-air.
               ・ Round up enemies suspended in mid-air with additional attacks.
               ・ Recover [3%] HP by absorbing a small amount of vitality within the surroundings at the end.
     [Image: skill03.png]
          ■ Cat Sword - First Form: Flash (猫刀・壱ノ型:瞬)
               ・ Dive into enemies, and perform a spinning attack.
               ・ Recover HP by absorbing a small amount of vitality within the surroundings.
     [Image: skill04.png]
          ■ Cat Sword - Second Form: Hidden Claw (猫刀・弐ノ型:隠爪)
               ・ Take a draw sword stance.
               ・ Draw sword with an additional operation (can be charged).
               ・ Reduces damage received while charging.
     [Image: skill05.png]
          ■ Bloody Stance (血戦態勢)
               ・ Consumes own vitality (HP), in exchange for enhancing fighting strength for a certain period of time.
               ・ Also grants an additional effect to the surroundings when used.
     [Image: skill06.png]
          ■ Predator’s Hunger (捕食者の渇望)
               ・ Pulls surrounding enemies by using Souljunk Energy.
               ・ Afterwards, a part of her body turns back to Souljunk form and attacks.
     [Image: skill07.png]
          ■ Cat Sword - Third Form: Falconry (猫刀・参ノ型:鷹狩)
               ・ Quickly cuts enemies, and pursuits them by throwing the weapon.
               ・ Retrieve thrown weapon using an additional operation.
     [Image: skill08.png]
          ■ Cat Sword - Fourth Form: Moon Slash (猫刀・肆ノ型:月斬)
               ・ Launch enemies with a spin attack. Perform an additional attack in mid-air.
     [Image: skill09.png]
          ■ Cat Sword - Fifth Form: Airstrike (猫刀・伍ノ型:空襲)
               ・ Throw weapon from mid-air.
               ・ Afterwards, attack with a strong dive kick and grants additional damage to the area where the weapon was thrown.
     [Image: skill10.png]
          ■ Cat Sword - Sixth Form: Demon (猫刀・陸ノ型:鬼)
               ・ Perform consecutive attacks using quick movements.
               ・ Flash attack using an additional operation.
     [Image: skill11.png]
          ■ Cat Sword - Zeroth Form: Blade Tempest (猫刀・零ノ型:刃嵐)
               ・ Cut enemies in a wide area.
     [Image: skill12.png]
          ■ Predator’s Rage (捕食者の怒り)
               ・ Right hand turns back to Souljunk form, and perform a thrust attack.
               ・ Attack range gradually increases while holding key.
               ・ Immediately perform additional attacks by using an additional operation.
     [Image: skill13.png]
          ■ Predator’s Sentence (捕食者の宣告)
               ・ Mow down enemies in a wide area with a Souljunk weapon, followed-up with an explosion.
     ▼ Passive Skills
     [Image: skill14.png]
          ■ Cat’s Flexibility (猫の柔軟性)
               ・ Increases max stamina.
     [Image: skill15.png]
          ■ Cat Sword of Aspiration (熱望の猫刀)
               ・ Automatically recover SG at regular intervals.
               ・ Recover SG on successful normal attacks (when it hits enemies).
               ・ Recover SG when using some skill traits.
      Implementation of New Voices (Update)
          ・ We will implement new Cinema Talk voices from Grasscover Camp, Corrupted Record, and Dipluce Horizon.
          ・ Characters who already cleared the main quest can still play it again with voices.
               ※ Only the main quests in 「Grasscover Camp」 can be replayed (with voice) on September 12, 2019.
               ※ Replay of main quests (with voice) in 「Dipluce Horizon」 will come after the September 12, 2019update.

     ▼ Soulworker Official Live Broadcast Announcement
          ・ Prior to Chii Aruel's implementation, we will deliver the latest information and gifts during the live broadcast.

     ▼ Add Lv 65 Level Up Package
          ・ We will add a Lv 65 Level Up Package.
          ・ Capped players will receive it through account mail.
     ▼ Renewal of Let's Soulworker Rewards
          ・ We will renew the rewards from the Let's Soulworker Event which is only accessible to newly-created characters for 20 days.

[Image: dddfdfd4154fds.gif]

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