General Weapon & Costume Sockets
Weapon Sockets Guide:

First thing you need to do is to have a weapon that has a socket slots you can get this weapon from crafting
[Image: 12963744_1601244976862937_28795933372162...e=5782306C]

To open the weapon sockets right click the weapon that has a socket slots and click the 2nd option
[Image: 12938105_1601244950196273_56345907314166...e=578A1657]                                                                                                    [Image: 12963416_1601244970196271_19411775515600...e=5775F493]

Now you need these weapon sockets theres a different type of weapon sockets that grants you a different effect
[Image: 12963849_1601244923529609_15449236468925...e=577BED51]

All you have to do is drag it to the empty socket slots

Costumes Socket Guide:

You will notice theres like an empty slot next to your costumes when you open your equipment. Those are Costume Sockets
[Image: 12938343_1601244963529605_40312551456864...e=5788A060]

To open the costume sockets select the costumes that has a costume socket slots, then right click the costumes and select the 2nd option
[Image: 12718202_1601244886862946_68692162447228...e=577D7568]

[Image: 12963849_1601244906862944_21451719860120...e=57876F1D]

Next you need this item, this is a costume sockets there's ton of costume sockets that grant a good effect.
Also Costume Sockets item is different with weapons since the Costumes have those quality from Normal to Giga (Highest quality give you good effects and also higher price on the market)

[Image: 12321442_1601244893529612_74097164973684...e=578AD621]

All you need to do is drag the socket to the empty slot.
Can we remove sockets from the item? Kinda afraid to use one if it's permanent.
The guide is missing some features and etc.
Also if you want to replace them they will be destroyed.So you cannot remove it.
The pictures are not working for me,please check the links again

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