General Why Incremental Rewards are Good for the Path of Exile?
For the last two leagues people have been complaining about layers of RNG and the lack of "incremental rewards". I want to talk about why I like incremental rewards, and why I think so many people are asking for them. Also, a easy way for you to gain poe orbs fast is to poe orbs buy on U4GM. 

What are Incremental Rewards?
Breach Splinters, Harbinger Shards, and Divination Cards are good examples of incremental rewards. Rather than having a 0.01% chance of dropping a Breachstone from a Breach mob, you have a 1% chance of dropping a Breach Splinter.

What do Incremental Rewards Accomplish?
Having an incremental reward smooths out the feeling of randomness between two separate players. For instance, if something has a 0.1% chance of occurring, you have a 50% chance of it happening after 700 trials. That means one player gets it, and the other doesn't, and the first player is no closer to getting it than when they started.

On the other hand if you increase the drop rate by 10 times, and require 10 of the items for the same effect, the actual chance of a single person getting all 10 in the same 700 trials is far lower -- 16.8%, but the chance of someone getting no drop at all goes from 50% in the first case to under 0.01% in the second.

Why do People Want Incremental Rewards?
While I'm sure there's a strong argument to be made that people want POE to be a more rewarding Skinner Box, I think that the actual reason is much more simple: economy. Incremental rewards are a method of income redistribution.

I honestly don't care about currency. I just want to be able to fully complete the atlas without having to play the game like it's a full time job. The hardcore grinders can have the really good items and Uber bosses and all that. I don't care about getting tons of exalts and super rare items. I'd just like to see how far my builds can go. By the time I get to maps, my builds are usually just hitting their stride so they are all pretty trivial to beat, then I get stuck in yellow maps and it's still not a challenge, and I end up getting burned out on the constant grind to move from yellow maps to red maps and I can never sustain reds even though they are still pretty easy to clear. So then I have to go back to yellows and now they are even more trivial

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